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Friday, October 26, 2012

Slate: Romney Surrogate John Sununu Says Colin Powell Endorsed President Obama Because He's Black

Why Mitt Romney has people who say such stupid things, which is what John Sununu is an expert in doing. Working for him is beyond me.

DNC Rapid Response: When Will Mitt Romney Stand Up to Extremism?

This is a smart play by Democrats, trying to link Mitt Romney to Far Right candidates he's already endorsed. Which could if successful, cost Governor Romney support with Independents.

VOA News: Ethan Chorrin: What Next for Libya

At risk of sounding corny, this is not the time to abandon Libya yes the United States lost an Ambassador. There and that of course is a tragedy but that wasn't a result of the Libyan Government that now has responsible government but the fact that America didn't have adequate security. There for the embassy and the fact that the Libyan Government doesn't have adequate security yet, to avoid tragedies like this. Which means America and Europe, as well as the Arab League. Needs to continue to work with the Libyan Government to help them get that economy going and give them military aid, as well as governmental aid so they can build up their government and so. Libya has the resources to able to govern and protect itself, so we can avoid tragedies there again. The last thing that Libya and the West needs is to see a failed State in a country thats as physically large as Libya and to see Libya become a Terrorist State.

The Hill: Justin Sink & Keith Laing: Working-Class Voters Could be The Key to Mitt Romney's Chances in Ohio

Working-class voters could be the key to Romney's chances in Ohio - The Hill's Ballot Box

President Obama has done a better job in reaching out to the Working Class and he has the Auto Bailouts that. He can point to saving all of those jobs in the Midwest that are dependent on the Auto Industry, that Mitt Romney was against doing.

ABC News: GDP: US Economy Grew at 2 Percent in 3rd Quarter

GDP: US Economy Grew at 2 Percent in 3rd Quarter: The nation’s economy continued to expand in the third quarter, rising at a better-than-expected annualized rate of 2 percent, the Commerce Department said this morning. The Gross Domestic Product numbers are preliminary and will be adjusted but economists had expected a rate of 1.8 percent for the...

This is good news for the economy, because its a sign that things are getting better and that we aren't slipping. Back into recession and it means that a positive jobs report thats due next Friday, could follow this jump in Economic Growth, more people spending more money, because they have more money to spend, which. Means there's more demand out in the economy, which means more people get hired as a result, also good news for President Obama because he can say look things are getting better on my watch. Which is why you should stick with me so I can finish what i started four years ago and we can get this economy back. To strong Economic and Job Growth and watch unemployment go down together with more people working and spending money and paying taxes and seeing the debt and deficit go down. You elect Mitt Romney though, he'll just take us back to the policies that created the Great Recession. Something that we can't afford to go through again.

The New Republic: Jonathan Cohn: The Auto Industry Rescue May Be The Single Best Way To Understand The Choices Voters Face This Election

The Auto Industry Rescue May Be The Single Best Way To Understand The Choices Voters Face This Election. | The New Republic

The GM Bailout is President Obama's ticket to victory in Ohio and why he'll probably win this State again. Because there are roughly a million jobs in Ohio that are tied to the Auto Industry and unemployment Ohio is roughly. A percentage point lower then the national average, 7% in Ohio and it would probably be a lot higher today had it not of been for the Federal Government bailing out General and Chrysler Motors.

Foreign Affairs: Rolf Ekeus & Milfred Braut- Hegghammer: Don't Go Baghdad on Tehran

Don't Go Baghdad on Tehran: In the run-up to the Iraq War, diplomacy and weapons inspections became a means to an end: building a casus belli. That was a mistake then, and it is becoming one now, too. FRSFreeState: Of course all options except for one, have to be on the table when dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran. And that includes military strikes and even an invasion, the only option that I would exclude would be the United States unilaterally. Invading Iran a large country about the size of Saudi Arabia physically but with three times as many people, roughly 75M people America simply doesn't have the. Resources to occupy such a large country with that many people but when it comes to Iran's WMD or lets says quest to become the second Nuclear Power in the Middle East. All options have to be used before we even contemplate striking Iran to take out their WMD, which means sanctions and even aiding whatever Democratic Opposition that remains. In Iran and hoping at one point they would be strong to take on the IR and bring down this Theocratic Regime and hopefully it would fall peacefully like in Egypt or. If necessary a group of Iranian Rebels could fight back against the Islamic Regime themselves.