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Tuesday, October 16, 2012 CNN: 2nd Presidential Debate: Obama vs. Romney: First Thoughts

Like I've done with the first two debates, Presidential and Vice Presidential, this will be a two part. Blog on what I think about tonight's debate, the first part being how I thought President Obama did tonight, which of course you can see here on FRSFreeState and the second part that you can. See over at my sister blog over at, that you can read over there.

Again this what I thought President Obama needed to do tonight, which is what I mentioned in another post last week. Which was to come off as strong, with a high energy level, like someone who got enough sleep the night before, things he simply didn't do two weeks ago, as well as defend your. Record while pointing out the weakness's in Mitt Romney's record but doing it in a way, that looks Presidential, coming off as tough and factual but respectful and Presidential as well. This is what the situation was when I became President, this is where we've succeeded, this is where I would. Like to go further and this is why we can't afford to have Mitt Romney as President of the United States right now, because he would take us back to the policies of the past, before I became. President that got us in the situation that we are in today and I believe he accomplished all of those things, he commanded the stage and had the most memorable positive moment of the debate. As a result, when they were talking about the Libya attack, where took Mitt Romney to task for not stepping for the people who were attacked and Moderator Candy Crowley gave in the nod for that.

I'm not sure if tonight's debate was a miss opportunity for Mitt Romney, who I'll get into later or. Just a matter of how prepared Barack Obama was tonight, he had a clear plan as far as how he was going to debate tonight, this is what he wanted to say about himself, this is how he wanted to critique. Mitt Romney, this how Governor Romney was going to critique him and this is how he should counter those critiques, everything from the economy, to Energy Policy, Foreign Policy and Immigration Policy. Education as well and Governor Romney attempted to hit the President on all of these things and the President simply had clear answers for all of them, as well as critiquing about what. He believed was wrong with Governor Romney's record, I don't believe the President won in a blowout but clearly by a touchdown if not ten points, which is what the early polls so far are indicating.

National Geographic: Taboo: Modern Chain Gang

I'm all for putting inmates to work, thats exactly what we should be doing as a country, that just because. You've been convicted of breaking the law and in most cases guilty of the crime, that doesn't mean you get to live off of tax payers for free for your entire incarceration. That inmates should be using that time to not only be productive for the prison they are incarcerated at. But for themselves, so they can prepare themselves for life on the outside, so they don't end up back in prison but also productive for society, doing things that can help communities, like doing. Public Works in these works programs, I'm just not crazy about Chain Gangs, that takes us back to the early 20th Century and 19th Century and there are ways we can put our inmates to work thats. More humane and more productive for everyone involved.

The New Republic: Ruy Teixeira: The Obama Coalition Is Still Alive—But For How Long?

The Obama Coalition Is Still Alive—But For How Long? | The New Republic

I believe its here to stay, especially as we get younger as a country and are becoming more Liberal-Libertarian on Social Issues. More tolerant about how people live their own lives and has more and more Americans are starting their own business's, especially small business's, we are becoming more of an anti Big Government. Country that doesn't want Big Government in our boardrooms and bedrooms and wants to be able to live their own lives, which should play well for Obama Liberal Democrats, who've picked up from. Where Bill Clinton left off and will be a serious problem for Neoconservative Republicans and Progressive Democrats, who both want more government in our lives.

The Hill: President Obama's Flip-Flop Strategy Against Mitt Romney Carries Risks

Obama's flip-flop strategy against Romney carries risks - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Its about time, President Obama could've done this a couple of weeks ago and went a long way into winning the election. The only risk here, is that the President could get caught taking multiple positions on the same issues as well, like Guantanamo Bay to use as an example, so he needs to be prepared for that and then. Hammer home the point that Governor Romney has a history of flip flopping, depending on what office he's running for.