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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baltimore Sun: Orioles Insider: Eduardo Encina: Orioles Right-Hander Tommy Hunter Hits 101 MPH Saturday: Could Find Home in Bullpen

Baltimore Sun: Orioles Insider: Eduardo Encina: Orioles Right-Hander Tommy Hunter Hits 101 MPH Saturday: Could Find Home in Bullpen

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This could work well for the Orioles, because the starting rotation is set for the rest of the regular season and AL Playoffs. Which they have a very good shot at making at this point, so they don't need Tommy Hunter as a starter right now. Tommy Hunter has shown signs of being dominant as a starter in 2012 with his mid to upper nineties fastball that has movement and deadly breaking stuff as well. But he doesn't seem to very strong for more than five innings or so and struggles to get through five innings. 

As a long or middle reliever, Tommy Hunter could let it go so to speak and let it hang out as far as his fastball and breaking balls. Because he knows he's only getting probably at most thirty pitches or so and doesn't have to go six or seven innings and pitch well for that long in a game. Because instead he'll come into the game for an inning or two when an Orioles starter gets in trouble or to hold a lead. And give opposing hitters something else to have to think about in the game. 

Sugar Poultry: Video: Whose Line Is It Anyway, Chris Walken Doing The News

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ABC use to have a show called Whose Line Is It Anyway, the American version of the BBC Whose Line show. And what it was five comedians including the host Drew Carey who would be given scenes and characters to play, but the comedians would have to act out the scenes with no script or lines. The comedians would have to act out the scenes off the top of their heads, almost completely spontaneously.

And they would do scenes like Hoe Down where they would have to do a song off the top of their heads, or Super Hero’s where each person would have this made up Super Hero with a name that no Super Hero, who is sane and sober at least, would have. And one comedian would start out with a name and as each comedian would enter the game, the comedian who came before would give the next comedian a name. So lets say Alcoholic Man would introduce lets say Mr. Clutz who would topple to the floor as soon as he’s introduced. And Mr. Clutz would do is act and then introduce the next person and say, “thank God you are here Scared Shitless or something like that.”

My favorite skit that they did is probably Weird Newscasters. Especially the two anchors and these two people would makeup the news literally on the spot. And would say something like, “our lead story tonight, 200 people reported missing or dead as a result of an attack by Killer Tomatoes.” And the second anchor with a weird character to play like a news anchor being played by race car drive whose had too much to drink or something. And he or she would say something like, “this just in alcoholism linked to drunk driving. Shocking I know.” And they would introduce the weatherman who farts every time he speaks or something like that. As well as a sportscaster who falls in love with every women he sees in the audience or something.

My favorite character on this show even though I don’t believe Chris Walken has ever actually physically been on this show before is Chris Walken. Because he’s a great comedian on the spot, who never needs a script to be funny, movies like American Sweethearts, True Romance and his appearances on Saturday Night Live are excellent examples of that. And Jeff Davis from Whose Line, does a great impression of him and that’s what makes this show great and how you tell great comedians from good or average comedians. How funny are they when they have to be and when they don’t have a script.

ABC News: This Week: Ann Coulter Comments on Racial Politics in America

Here's an example of why Ann Coulter is one of the Democratic Party's biggest, easiest and favorite punching bags. Because when she says something, Democrats fundraising numbers always go up. Her attitude of towards anyone in the country thats not like her and people like her and I'm not talking racially purely, basically any American that doesn't have her very narrow Neoconservative. Mindset of what it means to be an American, they don't sound like us, they don't look like us, they speak a different language, they listen to different music, their politics are different and so fourth. Its this whole divide and conquer, us against them mentality, you are either with us, meaning people who think and look at the World the way she and allies do, then you are really not one of us. Or you are against us and you are really not an American and you don't deserve to be treated like an American, meaning Civil Rights mean nothing and people like Ann Coulter deserve to discriminate against you. Simply because they don't like you, thats the State of the Far Right in America and why the GOP has to move away from them, to be viable in the future. Because they are shrinking in numbers as we move forward as a country.

FRSFreeState: ABC News: This Week: Reince Priebus, David Axelrod Comment on Mitt Romney's 'Defining Week'

Last week I believe will end up be the defining moments of this Presidential Election. Where it goes from being a nail biting contest to a landslide at least electorally and less there are some big. Moments in the debates, where Mitt Romney makes some big splash in them and turns the election around, similar to John Kerry back in 2004, where he entered the first debate down 8-10 points. But then clearly wins the first debate and leaves it tied or even with a small lead over President Bush, unless something like that happens and Barack Obama is a very good debater as we saw four years ago. So the chances of that aren't very good and he'll enter that debate well prepared, because I believe he'll have a very good opportunity to close the deal on his reelection in the. First debate, similar to President Clinton in 1996 against Bob Dole and an opportunity that President Bush blew in 2004, unless there's something horrible in the news that makes President Obama. Look bad and his poll numbers drop from now until Election day, this last week will be the week that made a nail biting election into a landslide at least electorally. Similar to how the debates of 1980 took an essentially tied Presidential Election between Ron Reagan and President Carter and turned it into a blow out for Reagan.

Again unless there's something in the news that dramatically changes this Presidential Election in. In favor of Mitt Romney that drops President Obama's Approval Rating, he's currently at 50% and if that were to go down to 45 or under, some crisis that makes President Obama look real bad. Some disaster in the Middle East, where lots of Americans are killed or something, you know a jobs report that sees us actually lose jobs instead of gain them, we've gained jobs for thirty straight months now. Mitt Romney has a great first debate and the President looks bad, the week of September 17-21, will be the week that takes a very close election and makes it a blow out. Where not only President Obama is not only reelected, Democrats retain the Senate and now the House is in play as well, where Democrats have a realistic chance of winning back the House. And all of this will be credited to Mitt Romney's awful week.

The Hill: Experts Offer Some Pre-Debate Advice for Mitt Romney: 'Be Yourself'

Experts offer some pre-debate advice for Romney: 'Be yourself' - The Hill's Ballot Box

I don't know if this is good advice, because we've seen so many different Mitt Romney's. So asking him to be himself, which one of these Mitt's is he or is there another Mitt we haven't seen yet. Which I believe would cause more problems for him, because it would just add to the question, who is this guy. Similar issues that John Kerry had in 2004, which is why this election looks like 2004 to me but with the other party winning. Rather then 1980.

Fat Hawaiian Man: Charles Manson Interview With John Aes Nihill

This piece was oirginally posted at FRS Daily Press: Fat Hawaiian Man: Charles Manson Interview With John Aes Nihill

As evil as Charlie Manson might have been or still is and he was clearly and evil man, whose responsible for the murders of a lot of innocent people and even seem to draw pleasure from them, that’s not the whole story about Charlie. You don’t put together a crime family like the Manson Crime Family if you don’t have some leadership ability. That not only draws people to you, but you can make them do things they normally wouldn’t do. Like good middle class teenagers, people who should be in college, going out and murdering innocent people, people who are complete strangers to you. Because you see them as part of some establishment that’s holding down the rest of the country.

Charlie Manson blamed his situation in life, on society and to a certain extent he was correct. Coming from a broken home, never knowing his father, barely knowing his mother, being shipped around as a kid. Doesn’t excuse the fact of all the people he had murdered, but he got off to a real bad start in life. And once he became an adult and got out of prison for the last time in life, he decided that he was going to takeout his frustrations on society, as much as he can for as long as he can. Charlie Manson and his young Baby Boomer soldiers, against the rest of the world.

What we saw from Charlie Manson’s power was not only the ability for him to make people do things they wouldn’t normally do, like things as evil as murdering people, but people who basically fell in love with him. And saw him as a God or Jesus Crisis, people who idealize a murderer. Which is what we saw in this interview. Even though people who are doing life sentences in prison, partially for hooking up with Charlie Manson. Who see him for exactly what he is. A cold-blooded murderer that would manipulate people to do what he wouldn’t do himself.