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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FRSFreeState: CAP: The Politicization of the Constitution: What Neoconservatives and Progressives Don't Understand About It

I'm going to be careful about how I use the word Conservative and Liberal here because even though todays Republican Party. Is suppose to be the Conservative Party in America and they are more Conservative then the Democratic Party, no doubt about that as much as Libertarians and Progressives. Might disagree with that and even though the GOP still has a Conservative Faction in it, even though its much smaller then it use to be, Conservatives at least in the classical and what. I would say accurate sense, doesn't make up today's GOP at least as far as running the GOP and having more influence over it and Conservatives may no longer even be in the majority of the GOP today. This is not Barry Goldwater or Ron Reagan's party any more or what Gerry Ford built up in the House of Representatives in the 1960s and early 1970s as Republican Leader or what John Rhoades. Bob Michael added on to that after Ford left Congress for the Vice Presidency in 1973, that was the Conservative Republican Party, that Ron Reagan led up until 1989 when he left the White House. Today's GOP is the Religious/Neoconservative Party thats run by people like Pat Buchanan, people who look at the World the way he does, that believes what's important in America. Is Christianity, Economic Freedom and a military that can govern the World basically, that we need strong Economic Freedom and limit Social Freedom.

Todays GOP has more of a Libertarian view as it relates to the economy but more Authoritarian everywhere else. That its Economic Freedom thats important and we need to limit what the Federal Government can do in the economy, if not get it out of the economy all together. But the Federal Government needs to be strong everywhere else and not be hampered from silly things as. They would put it like the US Constitution when it comes to protecting and governing the country and if we need Constitutional Amendments to limit Social Freedom in the future, so be it. As it relates to marriage, voting, what people can do in the privacy of their own homes, what they can say in public and so fourth, so be it but that won't be our first avenue, what they'll try to. Do first is outlaw things by statue meaning by law. And again I'm going to be careful with how I use the word Liberal here, because what you might view as Liberal, might not be. The actual definition of what a Liberal is.

So I'm going to say Progressive but Progressives seem to have this view of the US Constitution, especially. As it relates to the economy that if voters wants something and they are elected, officials pass it and make it law, its Constitutional, that thats what a Democracy means. They don't seem to understand what the term Republic is and that the 10th and 11th Amendments don't apply to the Federal Government as far as its ability to influence the economy. They seem to believe America is a Majoritarian or Socialist Democracy, rather then a Republic in the form of a Liberal Democracy, which is what we are, we don't just have Majority Rights. In America we also have National and Constitutional Rights, if 51% of the country wants something done, it won't. Automatically get done, especially if its Unconstitutional, like the Texas Law Voter ID Law that was thrown out last week, being ruled as Unconstitutional.

I'm a Liberal because I believe in Liberal Democracy that we all have the freedom to live our own lives. And that our freedom can only be legally taken away from us, when we take someone else's freedom to live their own lives, meaning we hurt innocent people. And that we have Constitutional Rights that are always protected whether they are popular or not and we only lose. Those Constitutional Rights, when 2/3 of the country, including Congress and thirty four State Legislatures deicide we should no longer have them. Thats what it means to live in a Liberal Democracy, it means that the majority doesn't always rule, especially when they are wrong.

ABC News: World News: 486-Pound Death Row Inmate Too Fat to Execute?

486-Pound Death Row Inmate Too Fat to Execute? - ABC News

So thats how you avoid being executed

The New Republic: Mock On, Maureen Dowd: Why She’s Right About The Neo-cons

Mock On, Maureen Dowd: Why She’s Right About The Neo-cons | The New Republic

Its not just Foreign Policy that Neoconservatives have influenced Mitt Romney but Social Policy as well, Mitt needs those Rick Santorum voters and perhaps the rest of the Far Right. To be elected President, not a good time for a Republican to be running for President even with the economy the way it. Especially fs you are not that far to the right politically and the people you need to vote for you, understand that.

The Hill: Mitt Romney Does Damage Control

Mitt Romney does damage control - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Seems like everyday the last couple of weeks when Mitt Romney is suppose to building some momentum going into the Presidential Debates. He instead is in some type of damage control, fixing this or that, I didn't mean to say that, what I was trying to say and so fourth. Thats not the sign of a winning campaign, especially when you have people in your own party getting on you about it.