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Sunday, September 2, 2012

ABC News: David Plouffe: Romney Campaign Built on ‘Tripod of Lies’

David Plouffe: Romney Campaign Built on ‘Tripod of Lies’: White House senior adviser David Plouffe charged that the Romney campaign is “built on a tripod of lies,” criticizing the Republican ticket for their attacks on President Obama over welfare, Medicare, and small businesses. “Right now their campaign is built on a tripod of lies,”...

Romney/Ryan Campaign- When the truth is not good enough for you, try to fool people, which is mostly what we've seen from Romney/Ryan since they've become a ticket.

The Hill: President Obama: GOP Agenda Outdated, Like Watching ‘Black-and-White TV’

Obama: GOP agenda outdated, like watching ‘black-and-white TV’ - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

If you want America to return to the 1950s instead of moving forward, vote for the Tea Party