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Thursday, August 30, 2012

AP: Fact Checking Rep. Ryan's RNC Speech: The Speech Thats Long on Attacks & Short on Facts

I'm not going to get into the pure politics of Representative Ryan's speech last night, as far as what impact it will have for the Romney/Ryan Campaign. As far as whose up and whose down, the scorecard, which seems to be the only thing Americans are typically interested in when it comes to politics. I'll do that later in a different post, I'm just going to get into the pure substance and pure facts of it, or the lack of them that was in the Ryan speech last night. Because thats what's most important as far as how it affects the Presidential Campaign and something that the Obama/Biden Campaign has to take seriously and effectively respond to. Before Independents actually take the nonsense in the speech seriously. Since we are talking about Paul Ryan here lets first talk about the debt, he loves to talk about the danger of the national debt and that he doesn't want. His kids to be stuck having to pay off the debt from the people in this generation and then he tries to put the debt on President Obama, saying he personally has racked up 5T$ on the debt since taking office. What he fails to mention is that Paul Ryan himself has his own hands on this debt.

As far as the debt and Paul Ryan has been in the House since 1999, representing Janesville, Wisconsin. From 2001-2009 alone, the national debt went from 5T$, which is what President Bush inherited, as well as a 200B$ Budget Surplus, to eight years later in 2009. The debt went to 11T$ and a !T$ deficit and Representative Ryan voted for all 6T$ of it, while in Congress. Here are the numbers, two 1T$ Tax Cuts, unpaid for, two unfunded wars unpaid for, both over a trillion dollars. Medicare Advantage 700B$, TARP another 700B$, as well as the Auto Bailouts, that started under President Bush, that President Obama put through. Its like robbing houses for a living and the calling the cops when you get robbed yourself, its dishonest. Paul Ryan also accused President Obama of raiding Medicare to pay for the Affordable Care Act. What he failed to mention, was that what the ACA does is limits payments to the Health Insurance Industry and returns that money to Medicare. To cover Medicare patients, imagine that.

What Representative Ryan also didn't mention is that those Medicare savings that are in the ACA, are also in the Ryan Deficit Reduction Plan. Ryan also tried to put the blame for an Auto Plant closing in Janesville on President Obama, what he failed to mention. Was that it closed in late 2008, a couple months before Barack Obama became President. So this speech last night was long on attacks, short on facts, sounds good to Republicans but I give it an F on substance and facts. But its still something that the Obama/Biden Campaign is going to have to effectively respond to before too many people actually take it seriously.

The New Republic: The Five Big Misrepresentations Of Paul Ryan's Convention Speech

The Five Big Misrepresentations Of Paul Ryan's Convention Speech | The New Republic

What Representative Paul Ryan failed to mention when talking about the debt last night. That he voted for about 6T$ of the 16T$ debt in just eight years alone during the Bush Administration alone. Two unpaid for Tax Cuts, 2001 and 03, two unfunded wars, 2001 and 03, Medicare Advantage 03. He consistently voted to expand the Federal Government and borrow hundreds of billions of dollars to pay for it. As far as raiding Medicare, the Affordable Care Act limits payments to the Health Insurance Industry in Medicare Advantage. And uses that money to cover Medicare patients, the Obama Campaign can't afford to  let Paul Ryan get away with these bogus attacks, before Independents actually start believing them.

The Hill: Huge Roars for Conde Rice From GOP Crowd Moved by Convention Address

Huge roars for Rice from GOP crowd moved by convention address - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Conde Rice gave the best, a reasonable, honest and a Classical Republican speech Wednesday night. Talking about opportunity and where she came from, speaking in favor of immigration and diversity. Which is probably why she's not Mitt Romney's choice for Vice President.