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Friday, August 24, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: Mitt Romney: "No One's Asked to See Birth Certificate": Mitt Appealing to Birthers

The New Republic my favorite Liberal magazine has an article out today, thats called Mitt Romney's lost August. That instead of spending this month building up his Presidential Campaign and going into the Republican National Convention with momentum. Especially after coming off of a bad July, where now he's clearly trailing President Obama, not just in the swing States but nationally as well. He's spent most of this month defending himself, even with the selection of Paul Ryan, he's still trailing in the polls, even though Representative Ryan brings a lot to the campaign. As far as likability, something that Mitt doesn't have a whole lot of if you look at the polls. The Romney Campaign has already acknowledge this that this election shouldn't be about whose more likable but who would make a better President. Instead of spending August talking about Mitt's tax plan for the country, they've spent a lot of the month talking about Mitt's own taxes. This is not where you want to be when you are trying to build up your own Presidential Campaign. So now Mitt is looking for a way to regain momentum after he built that up in June with President Obama's bad month.

Another problem that Mitt Romney has it that he's leading a party that doesn't like him and thats way to the right of him on Social Issues. He's not a Culture Warrior and probably doesn't even want to talk about Social Issues and thats not where the GOP is today, just look at their platform. Filled with all sorts of new restrictions on Social Freedom. Its as if Rick Santorum was their Presidential Nominee and not Mitt Romney, so Mitt feels the need to do and say things that. He normally wouldn't do, which offends people who would otherwise vote for him, this Birther joke is the latest example of that today. But don't worry this is Mitt Romney, the Flip Flopper in Chief, he'll find a way to switch his position on his own joke. And say what I was really trying to say is that I was born in Michigan and its glad to be back home or something. That will come shortly after he reads his latest polls.

Mitt Romney is not a Birther or a racist but the problem that he has and the GOP has, is that some of their members are. And he needs some of these people to vote for him unfortunately and feels the need to appeal to them to make that happen. Even if it means cracking Birther jokes, which I believe this is what this is about, which is why I believe he can't win on his own. He can't appeal to both Independents and Neoconservatives, Neoconservatives want a Far Right ideologue and Independents want a competent manager, those two things are different.

The New Republic: Mitt Romney's Lost August

Romney's Lost August | The New Republic

A problem that Mitt Romney has it that he's trying to lead a party that doesn't like him and thats way to the right of him on Social Issues. So to get them to vote for him, he has to do things that offends people who would otherwise vote for him.

The Hill: Sen. Claire McCaskill Avoids Attacking Rep. Todd Akin in Hopes of Keeping him in the Race

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