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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: President Obama: "Don't Boo, Vote": Getting Young Voters To The Polls

Barack Obama when he ran for President in 2008 and was elected, won the vote of young people overwhelmingly, something like 2/3 of it. Which is a big reason why he's President today and a big part of that was, because young voters saw him as something they've never seen from a politician before. Someone who was inspirational and to be frank someone who was cool culturally, someone who had similar interests as they did. Which is a big way to get young people to support you, they have to like you personally for them to do that, you can't be seen as stiff or too smart. One reason why young adults don't tend to vote, because they got this strange idea that government and politics doesn't affect them and they don't see politics as cool. Usually unless the politician is from their generation or young and can connect with them socially, they like similar music and movies. That they are familiar and use Pop Culture references in their speeches, which is one thing. That Paul Ryan brings to the Romney Campaign, well Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are essentially from the same generation, even though not technically and they are both good at speaking to young people.

Those same young people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, are obviously four years older today and if they are Gen Y, perhaps they are just getting out of college. And if they are older then that, perhaps have just been laid off and out of work and if they have found another job. Perhaps it only pays 50% of what they use to make but they still have those same college loans that they still have to pay off and are wondering how are they going to do that. And perhaps still see President Obama as a cool politician but that doesn't pay their bills and are looking. For a way to do that, how are they going to payoff their their Student Loan Debt and get a good job that can support them, especially with the level of education that they have. That they spent 4-6 years to get and are worse off today then they were four years ago. Which means they aren't automatically going to vote for President Obama if they bother to vote at all, which is a problem for the President.

Back in 2008 there were a lot of people who voted for Barack Obama for President, that couldn't name half of Senator Obama's positions let alone most of them. Or didn't know what most of his positions were but voted for him anyway because they liked him and saw him as cool. Thats not going to happen this time, for the President to get these votes again that he needs to be reelected. He's going to have to give them reasons to vote for him on policy as well.

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