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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FRSFreeState: AP: GOP Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan: "Says He's Happy to Cling to Guns & Religion: Its The Economy Stupid

If the Ryan/Romney Campaign wants to make the elections about the economy, then they have a shot, because they'll be able to tell Americans how bad things are and so fourth. And be able to make a case that what we are doing right now is not working and that we need to change course and so fourth. Now at some point they are going to have to offer an alternative plan in what they would do instead that can get people who haven't decided who to vote for yet. A reason to vote for them, otherwise they are going to sound like Tom Dewey in 1948, someone who says what he's against and what he wants to do. But has no plan to get to where he wants to go, someone who could give good speeches but was light on substance. But a lot of Republicans the Culture Warriors in the party, like Todd Akin and others want to make this election about Social Issues. That the reason why America is slipping is that because our morals aren't as strong as they use to be. That homosexuality and pornography and Hollywood and so fourth have too much influence on American Culture. And that we as a country need to put limits and restrictions, for America to get back to its greatness and so fourth and if thats the campaign that Republicans want to run. They'll lose because Liberals are now winning the Culture War.

The Romney/Ryan Campaign would be smart to abandon the Culture War and to convince Culture Warriors that this is not the time to fight these battles. We can't win on them and this election is about the economy, Mitt Romney was very smart to denounce Todd Akin's. "Legitimate rape" statement yesterday and the RNC was smart to ask Representative Akin to step down. And that they would no longer fund his campaign for the Senate, this could cost Mitt Romney votes with Culture Warriors who perhaps actually agree with what Representative Akine said. But thats the only way Mitt Romney can win this election, make it about the economy and this is my plan to turn things around. Because Neoconservatives are now losing the Culture War, things like homosexuality, abortion, pornography, immigration, integration, Same Sex Marriage, the War on Drugs. These are all issues that now play well for Liberals, which is why the Obama Campaign has recently pushed some of these issues.

Unless you are a real Conservative Republican and these people seem to be dying off in the GOP or have left the GOP. You are not interested in fighting the Culture War but if you are a Neoconservative Republican, you always want to fight the Culture War. And tell Americans that one of our problems is that we have too much freedom and we need new limits on our freedom. People like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann are your heros but thats just not where most of the country is right now.

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