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Monday, August 20, 2012

Bob Parker-CBS News: 1968, A Year That Changed America

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press

I think one thing that separates America and makes us stronger than anyone else is that we can go through a year like 1968 and get through it and survive it. And still remain one country, unlike other countries that tend to go through such division between the people and their government and overall establishment of the country in one year and you see them come apart. With the government falling and perhaps even leading to some type of civil war. Egypt comes to mind pretty fast and what is going on in Syria and Venezuela right now are other good examples.

Having said all of that, its hard to find anything good about 1968 other than maybe the music and the fact that we started to get along better as far as race relations. Where racism and other types of bigotry started to really go out of style. And bigots were left to hide their bigotry or pay serious prices for it. But other than that 1968 was one big disaster after another. A year full of violence with murders and assassinations, the President of the United States deciding not to even bother running for reelection because there were so many people who literally hated him in both parties.

And that is just about the domestic scene in America, but then you go to the Vietnam War itself with Americans finally figuring out that we are not just losing the war, but it is probably lost. And we started seeing all of those dead American soldiers coming home from it. I guess one good thing about 1968 is that Americans finally woke up. And figured out that their government not only doesn’t always tell the truth, but they even lie to their people. The Johnson Administration saying that they were making progress in Vietnam when they knew the opposite was true and that Communist Vietnam was getting stronger.

1968 represents the 1960s as well as it could possibly be. A year of revolution, protest, violence, people coming together from multiple races to be part of the same movement. Where millions of Americans became free to be themselves and no long feel like they had to live a certain way of life in order to fit in or even be good people. 1968 was a shakeup of the entire United States and perhaps was something that the country needed. Even with all the violence and the lost of lives in that decade so Americans would know about the problems in the country, but also what could be done about them. And what also makes us great as a country which is our freedom and diversity.
Bob Parker-CBS News: 1968, a Year That Changed America

FRSFreeState: The Economist: "The Meaning of Paul Ryan": What he Brings To The Presidential Election

To state the obvious and hopefully this will be the last time I do this in this post, Paul Ryan is no Sarah Palin. He's gotten to where he is in life based on his accomplishments and intelligence and knowledge about issues he works on and is a very likable guy to go along with that. He's a charming nerd unlike Sarah Palin whose famous because of her personality and saying a lot of ignorant things. About issues she's not very informed about, Sarah Palin is not even a very good spokesperson for Neoconservative Culture Warriors, she makes them look even more ignorant and bigoted, then they perhaps are. Paul Ryan is a very good spokesperson for Economic Conservatives, that believe that government taxes and regulates too much and that the Federal Government is over centralized. But Paul Ryan is a lightning bolt for Economic Conservatives who aren't in love with Mitt Romney yet but love Paul Ryan but he's also a lightning bolt for Democrats who want to make. Mitt Romney look extreme, as someone whose going to cut taxes and regulations for the wealthy and business's, at the expense of everyone else. And be able to tie Mitt Romney to the Tea Party and hurt him with Independent Voters.

So Paul Ryan is a divisive figure and now that he's Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Nominee, will give Americans a clear choice in who to vote for. Two very different visions and directions in where to take the country, with President Obama it will be about rebuilding the country. To put millions of workers back to work, as well as cutting taxes for the Middle Class and Small Business's to encourage Consumer Spending and Economic Growth. And with Mitt Romney it will be about cutting taxes and regulations for the wealthy and corporations, to encourage the flow of capital in the economy.

The New Republic: President Obama, Culture Warrior

President Obama, Culture Warrior | The New Republic

Liberal Democrats are now winning the Culture War

The Hill: Romney Campaign Keeping Debate Over Medicare on Center Stage

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The Romney Campaign playing with a time bomb on Medicare