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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ted Strickland: "Mitt Romney is the Inventor of the Individual Mandate": Why The ACA Works For Barack and not Mitt

Its hard to run against something that at least one time you supported, that you worked to pass. Signed into law even as Governor, a State thanks to you that now how 90% Health Insurance coverage . And then when that law is passed somewhere else, based on what you did, act like its the worst thing that was ever invented since cancer or something. Which is the game that Mitt Romney will be trying to play and a lot of this is simply pure politics, because his law in Massachusetts. Which is what the 2010 Affordable Care Act was based on, which has a lot of popular provisions in it. That even Republicans like today but since the Tea Party and Libertarians doesn't like them, Mitt Romney seems to feel the need to say he doesn't like them either. What Mitt is trying to do is to convince people that a law that he supports and signed into law even, is no good and needs to be thrown out. For the hell of it lets say Mitt is right about that and since we are saying that, lets also say there is a volcano erupting right now in Detroit, about the same odds. Mitt will trying to convince people to trust him to do the right thing in his political mind at least. Even though he's guilty of doing the wrong thing, he's trying to convince people, he was for the Affordable Care Act before he was against it.

Because of the Supreme Court decision yesterday, the Affordable Care Act, if Democrats play it right. And actually speak up for the positive aspects that they voted for and in President Obama's case, actually singed into law. The ACA will be Mitt Romney's Iraq War moment from 2004 but of 2012, I was for it when it was popular but my party hates it so much, so now I'm against it or somewhere in between, depending on who I'm talking to. Take the Tea Party out of the picture and the ACA is not that big of a deal, as far as hurting politicians politically. And they having to feel the need to hate it as well, which is why we have a Supreme Court. To take politics out of these decisions and judge legislation based on its Constitutionality. Which is why John Roberts is Chief Justice and Antonin Scalia is not, because right now Justice Scalia seems to see his role as to defend Republican Talking Points, rather then the Constitution.

For Democrats its simple, speak up for what you spent almost a year trying to pass. Patients Bill of Rights, so people don't lose their Health Insurance because they actually need it. Eliminating lifetime caps, or discrimination based on preexisting conditions. The Tax Credit to help individuals and business's who can't afford Health Insurance, to be able to do that. As far as the Individual Mandate, that just eliminates peoples ability to pass their Healthcare Costs onto others. If you are already covered, it doesn't affect you.