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Thursday, May 31, 2012

AP: Raw Video: U.S. House Rejects Sex-Selection Abortion Ban: The Day in Big Government

Looks like women won't have to ask Uncle Sam's permission to use the bathroom or interfere with her and her doctor in decisions they make regarding her health. A Federal appeals court rules that DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act that President Clinton signed into law back in 1996 that the Republican Congress passed, that President Clinton now says was a mistake to sign into law, is ruled Unconstitutional by a Federal appeals court. Because it violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution. A familiar ruling and why I predict that all same-sex marriage bans will be ruled unconstitutional in the future. 

New York City bans sweet drinks, how Mayor Mike Bloomberg was ever a Republican, I'll never know. Lately he doesn't look like a Democrat either, but governing as a Progressive or Democratic Socialist or Green. And apparently he feels he knows best what New Yorkers should drink, eat or smoke. I can understand no smoking sections in bars and especially on planes, as a non-smoker myself, but to tell people they simply can't smoke, interferes with their freedom of choice. According to the Los Angeles Time, California a state that almost passed marijuana legalization in 2010, that's now losing ground in the Golden State and with taxes going up, big government is on the march in California. 

Whether big government is coming from statists on the Far-Left or its coming from statists on the Far-Right, it's still big government. And it's too big, because it interferes with how free adults live their own lives, not how we live amongst each other. But how we live our lives as individuals. Whether it involves health care, with abortion or telling people they have to take government health insurance. Or outlawing same-sex marriage, because you don't like homosexuals and it violates your religious freedom to allow them to get married. 

How same-sex marriage violates anything to me, is a mystery that could make for a good book or movie. And maybe I'll write about that in the future or telling people they can't have soft drinks, because it's unhealthy for them, again interfering with how free adults live their own lives. We are a liberal democracy and because of that we have the liberty to live our own lives.  Statists whether they are on the Far-Left or Far-Right, seem to have such boring lives, that minding their own business puts them to sleep. So they feel the need to mind other people's business. What health care they can have, who they can marry, what they watch on TV, what they can eat and drink etc. And it's undemocratic because you are saying with these laws, that end up getting thrown out, is that you know best how to live the lives of the people you represent, better than them.