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Friday, May 11, 2012

Student Addicts Live, Recover Together at University Program: How to deal with Drug Addiction

My first blog about the War on Drugs in at least a few weeks. Spent the last two days blogging about Same Sex Marriage and President Obama's. Coming out on that, so to speak and saying that he believes it should be legal. Same Sex Marriage to be honest with you, is not an issue I think about a lot. I really don't consider it to be any of my business as a Heterosexual. If Homosexuals want to get married, thats their business not ours. My only concern about it as a Liberal, is Equal Protection, that Homosexuals get treated equally under law. I do have a strong interest and major concern about the War on Drugs. It concerns the whole country, we've all paid for it one way or the other. And this 1950s approach to narcotics in America, that people who are Drug Addicts. Are simply weak and immoral and need to be punished for their sins. Is outdated and is simply wrong, people who believe in this. Are stuck in a society of sixty years ago. And we've learned a lot about it the last 50-60 years. And have learned a lot about Mental Health in America, what works and what doesn't work. And we've learned that the War on Drugs doesn't work.

If people want something bad enough, they'll find a way to get it, especially if they are addicted to it. Even if that means going to jail or prison, so if you want someone to stop committing. What you see as bad behavior, you need to teach them that what they are doing. Like Drug Abuse, whether its heroin, cocaine, alcohol or tobacco. Is bad for them and that they should stop doing it for their own good. Thats what Drug Rehab is all about, teaching Drug Addicts about the consequences of peoples bad habits. And convince that they should stop doing what they are doing, so they can live a long productive healthy life. And not be in and out of the Criminal Justice System but what we do as a country. We lock people up in jail and prison, for being unhealthy, for treating their bodies in a bad way. When what we should be doing, is teaching Drug Addicts that their behavior is wrong. And get them off of their addiction. Thats what Drug Rehab is all about.

We need to as a country stop locking up Drug Addicts for using or possessing pot. Not treat them as criminals, not even give them Criminal Records. For Drug Use or Drug Possession, Drug Possession of narcotics should no longer be a felony. Stop arresting people for just possessing narcotics and fine them instead. And take away those narcotics and fine them based on how much their narcotics are worth. And get Drug Addicts into Drug Rehab at their expense instead. We would save a lot of money and lives with an approach like this.