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Thursday, May 10, 2012

African American Pastor Against Gay Marriage, for President Obama: Religious Conservative African Americans

"Religious COnservatives" in America and I put that way. Because to me they really aren't Religious Conservatives, to me Religious Conservatism. Is about conserving Religious Freedom, not subtracting from it, not trying to combine religion with government. Understanding the United States is a Republic, not a Theocracy. Not even a Christian Theocracy, even though the overwhelming majority of Americans. Are Christian in one form or the other, I'm a member of a very small minority when it comes to religion. Which is fine with me, doesn't mean I'll change my mind on this issue. But people who get called "Religious Conservatives" or call themselves "Religious Conservatives". Are almost exclusively "Christian Conservatives" or even call themselves "Christian Conservatives". They tend to be Fundamentalist Evangelicals and they tend to get stereotyped, as Southern, rural, Caucasian, male and Republican. Bigoted even and even though a lot of so called Religious Conservatives. Tend to be Southern, rural and Caucasian, not all of them are.

The only two groups of people that Same Sex Marriage can hurt the President on. Are "Religious Conservative" African and Latin Americans. There are a lot of African American Baptists in this country and Latin American Catholics in this country as well. Who tend to be more what I would call Authoritarian on these issues. And look down on Homosexuality, like its some type of disease or something. Homophobia is across the board in all Racial and Ethnic Groups in America. Not just Southern Caucasians but what's going for the President. Is that "Religious Conservative" Caucasians aren't going to vote for the President anyway. And as far as "Religious Conservative" African and Latin Americans. They represent the small percentage of these groups that are already leaning Republican anyway. As far as Independent Voters, its still the economy stupid, especially if they are out of work. Or their income has been declining, work cut and so fourth.

Again Barack Obama is not God, I hate to break that to anyone. Who hasn't gotten the memo on that yet. He's a politician and what he did on this issue, was not only figure out where he was on it. Even though I believe he figured that out a long time ago but when he decided to come out on it. So to speak, he weighed the cost and benefits of going either way on it. And decided he needed to give Democrats another reason to vote for him.