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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

President Obama's Announcement on Gay Marriage: Strong Barack beats Cautious Barack on Same Sex Marriage

For the last four years or so, not everyday of those years obviously. I've been wondering why Barack Obama has been reluctant in supporting Same Sex Marriage. This should be an easy call for any Liberal Democrat, whether they are a Classical Liberal. Like myself or a Moderate Liberal like President Obama. Any Liberal who believes in Equal Rights and Civil Rights. Which we all do or we wouldn't be Liberals, as Vice President Biden said on Sunday's Meet The Press. Should have no problem with Same Sex Marriage, as the Vice President said. "I have no problem with Same Sex Marriage". This is not an issue that Liberals should care about, except for standing up Marriage Equality. The Far Right obviously hates this, because they see homosexuality as immoral. That Gays are going to hell because they are Gay. But why should Theocrats and Neoconservatives, why should any extremists. Get to decide for the President or for the country as a whole. How these issues are decided, how should they decide how any issues are decided.

Barack Obama is clearly a very intelligent man and politician and as much as this may kill Progressives to hear this. He's not the God they thought they were getting in 2008 or any God at all. He's a politician, not a typical politician but a politician. Who looks at these issues from a political point of view. How does these issues hurt or help me and that must of played a role in his thinking on this issue. Because the substance of this issue is pretty clear, should Homosexuals be treated equally under law or not. If your a Liberal and again you believe in Civil and Equal Rights, the answer to that question is obvious. Especially for a Liberal who was a product of the post Civil Rights Generation, who was born and was a child. With little to no memories of what was going in this period. At least as far as how they relate to Civil Rights. Who was a beneficiary of this movement, the answer of this issue should be clear. Its really the politics of this issue that I believe was the driving force.

Again Barack Obama is not a God but he's definitely a politician. And for me even though I bet he decided a long time ago what he felt about Same Sex Marriage. And his decision not to enforce DOMA, the "Defense of Marriage Act". Which denies the Federal Government the authority to acknowledge Same Sex Marriage. It was the politics but even that seem strange to me as well. Because who was he worried about offending, Religious and Neoconservative Big Government Republicans. Who see him as an Illegal Immigrant from Kenya, as well as an African Muslim Socialist. Is he really worried about offending these people. I believe it was a certain faction in the African American Community. And African Americans have their share of homophobes as well. Its not just Caucasian Fundamentalist Evangelicals who have issues with this. And the President knows of course he needs African Americans to turn out, work and vote for him in 2012.

It took four years for Barack Obama to do the right thing on Same Sex Marriage. But he finally got there, the only thing with the timing of it. It looks so political, because he knows Democrats, especially Progressives aren't crazy about him. And they are looking for more reasons to vote for him. Instead of fielding a Far Left Progressive Candidate to run against him. Or not bothering to vote for anyone at all.