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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Liza Mundy on the Presidential Race and the Changing Role of Women: Why Female Voters Look like Olympia Snowe Politically

It is true, that is if polls mean anything that Female Voters tend to be more in favor of Big Government. Then men, I can buy that as a man who's not a fan of Big Government but I'm not a fan of Big Government. Across the board which separates me from Rick Santroum and others. Women tend to like Big Government more then men but the like Big Government Progressivism. They like Economic Progressivism more then men but everyday there are more female executives and Small Business. Owners and managers who don't like high taxes and regulations. Don't want to dependent on government and want to live their own lives. Some of these women are Democrats and some of them are Republicans. And these women also tend not to like Big Government Authoritarianism either. They don't like being told what Healthcare they can have by government. And government interfering with how they live their own lives. Which is something the Republican Party still doesn't understand and why pushing. This whole "War on Women" is a mistake and why it will cost them in the General Elections . Why President Obama has such a large lead over Mitt Romney with Female Voters.

I'm not an expert on this and yes there are women in America, who follow the Michelle Bachmann. Line of thinking, if you want to call that thinking, if thats thinking, I would hate to know what ignorance is. Women who tend to be very Conservative on Economic Policy but Authoritarian on Social Issues. Would like to see new restrictions on how Americans live they're own lives. I would have a hard time believing that Michelle Bachmann is the only women in America. That supports Constitutional Amendments to ban pornography and Same Sex Marriage by the Federal Government. Or considers Same Sex Marriage to be the number one threat to National Security. But these women like Michelle Bachmann are in a tiny minority on these issues. At least outside of the Bible Belt. When I think of the politics of Female Voters, I think of Sen. Olympia Snowe and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. My two favorite Female Members of Congress.

20-30 years ago both Sen. Snowe and Sen. Collins would be considered Conservative Republicans. Because they both don't like Big Government, these are both Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms Republicans. Both fans of Ronald Reagan but in today's Religious and Neoconservative Republican Party. They are considered to be Moderate-Liberal, because almost anything to the left of a Neoconservative. Would look Liberal by contrast, Female Voters to me look like Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. And had the GOP played their cards right, the Female Vote would be up for grabs in 2012.