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Monday, April 9, 2012

Economic Reform in Cuba: What The Future of Cuba could look like

Over the past five years or so, the Communist Republic of Cuba as I call them. Has been opening up Economic Liberty in the country. Allowing for Cubans to open up their own business's, sell their own properties. Allowing for them to get loans from banks to have the capitol needed to start their own business's. In hopes of allowing Cubans to become more Self Reliant in the country. And to jump start an economy, thats been struggling. Ever since the Fidel Castro Regime came to power over fifty years ago. This is huge for Cuba, because it means they'll have an opportunity to live up to their potential as a country. They have a solid Healthcare and Education System and now we'll see their. Educated Workforce put to work and be able to see the type of country that Cuba can be. Similar to what happened in Hong Kong and Israel when their economies were opended to Private Enterprise.

Cuba at least under its current regime and maybe never will have an Economic System. That looks like America, they'll never have American Capitalism. Their State will always play a pivotal role in its economy. With its Welfare State but what we'll see in Cuba, is that the people. That can takes care of themselves and earn a living on their own. Will be expected to do so, especially if they have a quality education. That the State provides and are physically and mentally able. But what I believe we'll see in Cuba, is the China or Vietnam Model take hold there. Which is basically State Capitalism, Private Enterprise thats mixed in with a large Welfare State. As well as some State Enterprise as well, which is what China still has. But what can happen from this, is as more Cubans have more resources. They may decide to organize and seek more freedom in Cuba.

What we are seeing in the Communist Republic, is the Castro Regime loosening its power. On its own people for them to live their own lives. And the question is what the Cuban People do with their new power and what they make of it. And what Cuba looks like 10-20 years from now.