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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

President Obama Delivers the State of the Union Address: The Official Kickoff of the Obama Reelection Campaign

Last night we saw and again I'm not trying to convince anyone that I'm a physic or anything. In case thats not clear enough but we saw what I was expecting, a Campaign Speech. In case anyone is not aware of this yet, President Obama is running for reelection in 2012 and wants to get reelected. I'm glad that President Obama didn't say, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, the State of the Union is strong. He said that the State of the Union is stronger, which is different. He was very honest and upfront about that, as well as truthful, because the State of the Union is stronger. Then it was in 2009, 2010 and 2011 as much as Republicans try to convince people otherwise. But then he got into what he wants to do as President in 2012 and beyond that. And other the Extension of the Payroll Tax Cut and Unemployment Insurance. And coming out for requiring Unemployed Workers who are collecting Unemployment Insurance. To get Job Training, he didn't offer anything to House and Senate Republicans. That they could work with him and Senate Democrats on and what we saw in 2011, we'll see in 2012. What the President wants to do as President is simply a hell of a lot different then what Congressional Republicans. And their Presidential Candidates want to do and for one side to put their agenda through. They are going to need Absolute Power to get that done, that means a United Government. For you english speakers, that means both control of the White House and Congress. Thats both Chambers of Congress and the White House.

President Obama last night talked about closing Tax Loopholes, Tax Hikes on the wealthy to close the National Debt and Deficit. Energy Independence thats built around Clean Energy and expanding Oil Drilling. Infrastructure Investment, incentivizing Job Creation at home, all things I support as a Democrat. But areas where Congressional Republicans who control the House and have a large Senate Minority. All strongly disagree with the President. And the only uniting aspect of President Obama's speech was how he started it off. By relating how people in the military work together to accomplish the task at hand. Because if they don't work together, they'll lose their lives and saying that Congressional Republicans and Democrats. Should have the same attitude, approach your job in Congress as working to accomplish the task at hand. To get that done and to do that,since neither party controls Congress but just 1/2 of it. That they should work together to accomplish the task at hand. So they can send President Obama legislation that the country needs and he can sign. And that was really the only unifying aspect of the State of the Union Speech last night. Where President Obama was speaking to the whole country.

President Obama kicked off his 2012 Reelection Campaign with the biggest audience he'll get at least until his Convention Nomination Speech. So politically his speech made a lot of sense there but this wasn't a speech and perhaps done on purpose. That was designed to bring Democrats and Republicans together to work for America. And put Partisan Politics behind us, be uniters not dividers so to speak. Because for the most part the President was speaking to the Democratic Party and some Independents. Reelect me and this is what I'll do in a 2nd Term.