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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Senate Leader Reid Shares SOTU Expectations: What the President should say Tonight

I hope President Obama will just lay it on the line tonight and explain exactly where we are as a country. And refrain from saying things like, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President. The State of our Union is strong, because we are not there yet. The State of the Union is certainly stronger then it was in 2011, 2010 and much stronger then it was in 2009. But we haven't completely recovered from the 2008 "Great Recession" yet. So what President Obama should do tonight is lay out the situation of where the country was when he came in office in 2009. Without sounding very partisan, where we are today and where he wants to take the country this year. Where he can work with Speaker Boehner and House Republicans and where he wants to take the country in the future. If he is reelected in 2012 and this a speech like that, he would win a lot of credibility with American Voters. Especially Independent Voters that he needs to have to be Reelected President. Instead of giving a glass is completely full speech and that everything is Paradise and Reelect me . And things will only get better, if I"m still President and you vote those damn Republicans out of the House. And let Senate Democrats keep their majority but what I'm expecting tonight is instead. Is a Campaign Speech a preview of his DNC Speech in the Summer when he gets renominated by the Democratic Party. This is my agenda, this is what we should be doing as a country and I can't do it with a Republican House. And if the GOP House wants to work with me, its on them.

Assuming this is a Campaign Speech we'll here tonight and not I'm not physic in case thats a mystery. But this is what the President should focus on tonight, jobs, jobs, jobs. He should try to remind the Democratic Base as well that he has to have to get reelected. Progressive Democrats who are so high right now, they actually see Barack Obama. As a Moderate Republican, a man who's been known to hangout with known socialists. He should remind Progressives that America is pulling out of both Afghanistan and Iraq and cutting the size of the military and budget. But President Obama's main focus should be on the economy, Economic and Job Growth. Where we've seen some positive progress in the last few months. And to create more Economic and Job Growth in 2012 as well as in a 2nd Term. And focus on keeping jobs in America, like in the Manufacturing and Construction Industries. Like eliminating the Tax Credit that encourages sending jobs oversees. But instead focus on creating a Tax Credit to encourage creating jobs at home. Put more focus on Infrastructure Investment and Energy Independence. Retraining Unemployed Workers and putting those people back to work.

Expect a preview of the 2012 Obama Reelection Campaign and what President Obama wants to do in a 2nd Term. Because he understands this is an Election Year, especially with a Divided Congress. That its almost impossible to pass big things that have a major impact and are remembered. So this speech will be about where we been, where we are now and where he wants us to go. And we'll see in the next few days, what impact tonight's speech has.