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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Liberal Fascism: Jonah Goldberg on the American Left

Conservative Writer Jonah Goldberg actually has a point, even though the title of his book Liberal Fascism. Is a borderline Oxymoron, if you understand what Liberalism is. You know that Liberalism encourages Freedom of Thought and Speech, Liberals don't expect everyone to agree with them on everything. President Barack Obama and Dick Durbin the Deputy Democratic Leader in the Senate. Both Liberal Democrats but they don't agree with each other on everything. Just look at the War on Terror with the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention, two perfect examples. I as a Liberal Democrat I disagree with President Obama on those issues as well but will vote for in November. Unless he invades Iran or something, then that will probably cost him and a lot of other Liberal Democrats our votes. Liberals love Freedom of Speech and Thought, we fight for it everyday, just look at the ACLU perfect example. So to call someone a Liberal Fascist, would be like calling someone. A Radical Moderate, those two terms don't really go very well together. But where Jonah Goldberg has a point is that there is an element of Fascism on the Far Left. In the Democratic Party and in Progressive Parties in America. That if you don't believe in Single Payer Healthcare, your automatically a sell out to Corporate Interests. Every time President Obama has made a decision that Progressive Democrats didn't agree with him on completely. They called him some type of sellout, even calling the President a Moderate Republican, Bush III and even the funniest charge a Neoconservative.

If you watch this video and listen to the people that Jonah Goldberg names, Naiomi Wolf, Joe Connoson, Major Owens. These are all Progressive Democrats representing the Far Left flank. Of the Democratic Party and the Political Spectrum, the Big Government Wing of the party. That have this attitude, you agree with us 100% of the time and do exactly what we want. Or your a sell out to the Progressive Movement and another spokesperson for Corporate America. Just look at the 2009 Recovery Act, the 2010 Affordable Care Act, Wall Street Reform, the Tax Cut Extensions, the Debt Ceiling bill. The Payroll Tax Cut and other Tax Cuts for the Middle Class, they were actually mad at President Obama for cutting taxes for the Middle Class. These are people who claim to be Fighters for the Middle Class. And even threaten a Primary Challenge to the President over these issues, basically seeing him as another Republican. This was a man they saw as God just three years ago, someone who was incapable of making mistakes. And now they see him as another spokesmen for Corporate America, how times have changed. So there is some Fascism in America but its on the Far Right and Far Left not amongst the adults in the room.

I always find it funny as a Liberal to hear people talk about books that they wrote about American Liberalism. When the people who write these books aren't Liberals themselves. And represent some of the characteristics that they are criticizing. Its like listening to a Political Fiction, if I lived in Dreamworld. And heard how Liberalism is talked about there, I wouldn't be a Liberal myself because I would probably see it as evil or socialistic. As its describe but since I live on Planet Earth, I see what Liberalism truly is and is why I'm a Liberal and always have been.