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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Hill: Video: Justin Sink: President Obama Calls Senator Kerry 'Perfect Choice' to Succeed Secretary Clinton

Obama calls Kerry 'perfect choice' to succeed Clinton - The Hill's Video

I believe that Senator John Kerry should've been President Obama's first choice to succeed Hillary Clinton as. Secretary of State because of his resume and vast experience, his credibility with both parties and in Congress. Unlike Susan Rice who would've been a tough sale as Secretary of State in the Senate even before the Libyan attacks. Because Ambassador Rice would've been probably seen as too much of a dove and too Progressive on foreign policy. And whose too dovish to deal with the problems around the World unlike, Senator Kerry who has solid credentials. As a Liberal Internationalist who doesn't jump to use the military first but who isn't a non interventionist and understands. That there are times when you need to use the military but it shouldn't ever be the only option and just jump to use force. That you have to be able to work with your allies as well and be able to negotiate with your allies and at times. Even your enemies and even live in the real World when it comes to foreign policy, instead of the World that. You want to live in and with Senator Kerry you get someone with actual military experience as a Vietnam war veteran. Someone with real foreign service experience as well and understands the consequences of military action.

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