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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Hill: Mike Lillis: Mass Murders in Newtown Spark Wider Debate on Violence

Mass murders in Newtown spark wider debate on violence - The Hill

If the only thing that comes from this is that Senate Democrats in the next Congress attempt to pass a new gun control bill. And attempt to ban assault weapons on their own and President Obama gets behind that but the Senate Republican Minority. Blocks the bill on a party line vote and of course the Republican House doesn't bother to even take up a. Gun control bill for obvious reasons, then we'll see another lost opportunity to deal with the broader problem. Of violence in America and why this country is so violent compared with other developed Democracies in the World. Because the problem we have with violence has more to do with guns and the weapons that these shooters. Are getting they are getting guns that are already illegal and getting them illegally, so looking at gun control laws. Is a good idea but its not just new laws, we need to look at but also the laws that we currently have on the books and. See how effective they are and how effectively enforced they are and how we can improve them and then we. Also need to look at assault weapons and find a way to have less of those on the streets in America.

We need to look at additional gun control yes but we also need to look at the gun control that we already have. And see how effective of a job we are doing there and hopefully the Justice and Homeland Security departments will do that. But we need a more comprehensive approach that looks at things like mental health in America and come. Up with a much more effective way to fund it , as well as violent video games in America and better way of regulating those. And it might get to the point because of the first and second amendments that we are going to have to look at. Discouraging people from using these things rather then trying to outlaw them through taxation and regulation.

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