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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Hill: Defense: Meghashyam Mali: Sen. Graham: Chuck Hagel’s Views Appear ‘Well to The Left’ of President Obama's

Sen. Graham: Hagel’s views appear ‘well to the left’ of Obama - The Hill's DEFCON Hill

Chuck Hagel would be a great choice for Secretary of Defense because he's a military veteran, Vietnam war veteran. Like John Kerry Senator Hagel has served in Congress with two terms in the Senate, including twelve years. On the Foreign Relations Committee so he's someone with a lot of experience when it comes to both military and foreign services. Whose traveled around the World, who has friends and respect on both sides of the isle in Congress whose. A Conservative Republican but a real Conservative and someone who criticized President Bush's. Neoconservative foreign policy because Senator Hagel understands there are limits to what the military. Can do around the World because we have limited resources both financially and when it comes to our military. So I believe that Senator Hagel would make a great choice for Secretary of Defense.

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