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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Hill: Defense: Carlo Munoz and Jeremy Herb: Time Running Out on Defense Industry Efforts to Avoid Sequestration Cuts

Time running out on defense industry efforts to avoid sequestration cuts - The Hill's DEFCON Hill

There are ways to cut the defense budget that should be cut and there are ways not to cut the defense budget. And cutting it across the board is not the way to do it because that suggests that everything is not working the. Way it should and that everything that the defense department is doing is wasteful, which no one believes. Except for pacifists and non interventionists on the left, plus across the board defense cuts would also lead. To across the board job cuts at a time when the economy is getting ready for an expansion and more unemployment. Would just hurt that so Congress and the President need to stop the sequester and cut in areas where defense should be cut. Like using the draw downs from Afghanistan and Iraq to go towards deficit reduction.

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