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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Hill: Congress: Alexander Bolton and Bernie Becker: Minority Leader McConnell Demands Senate Democrats Move on Legislation to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

McConnell demands Senate Democrats now move legislation on fiscal cliff - The Hill

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell makes a good point here that instead of waiting for the Republican House. And the White House to come up with a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, that Senate Democrats should put their own. Deal on the table and at least see where the votes are and once again pass an extension of the middle class tax cuts. But go up to 500K$-1M$ and see if they can get any Republican votes for that and put the spending cuts that. Are in President Obama's proposal as they relate to Afghanistan and Iraq but also agriculture, as well as. Additional savings in Medicare and Medicaid and see if they can get any Republican votes for that by working with them. And if they were to pass a plan that would put all the pressure on House Republicans to act on something that both. Sides can agree to that would put the fiscal cliff behind us and so the economy can finally take off.

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