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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Hill: Alexander Bolton: Jim DeMint Resigns From Senate

Jim DeMint resigns from Senate - The Hill

Senator Jim DeMint told the Libertarian magazine Reason that the Republican party needs to become more Libertarian. In the future for them to succeed and not press the social issues so much to please the religious right or for their own beliefs. Which tells me he believes the GOP needs to move away from the religious right and perhaps embrace the Ron Paul Libertarians. And keep them in the party and even let them have a voice and yet Senator DeMint is leaving Congress to go to the. Neoconservative Heritage Foundation that pushes some of these Big Government ideas when it comes to social issues. Like a Constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage, perhaps Senator DeMint wants to move Heritage. Into a more classical Conservative direction on social issues and help move the GOP in that direction, so they can. Bring in new voters, also looks like Jim DeMint needs the money.

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