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Monday, December 17, 2012

FRSFreeState: The Hill: Opinion: US Senator Judd Gregg: "GOP Can’t be Party of Exclusion": The GOP of The Future

Opinion: GOP can’t be party of exclusion - The Hill

Within ten years todays Republican Party will be gone as a major political party in the United States those are. Simply the demographic facts, todays GOP is becoming more Statist and further to the right on social issues. As the rest of the country is becoming more Liberal-Libertarian on social issues, the GOP is becoming more exclusive. As the rest of the country is becoming more inclusive and the GOP has become more intolerant as the rest of the country. Has become more tolerant of other Americans who don't share their exact view of the World and what America is. The Democratic Party right now is seen as the party thats Liberal-Libertarian at least on social issues. Democrats are seen as inclusive of other Americans people who weren't as mainstream in the country just thirty years ago. And Democrats are seen as tolerant even though the Democratic Party has its own fringe thats based in the Northeast. And West Coast that looks down at people who aren't from a big city and metro area and come from small. Towns as well, the difference being that the Democratic fringe doesn't run the Democratic Party, unlike like. Fringe in the Republican Party that still has a big say in who serves in Congress and can run for President.

Back in the day the Republican Party was seen as the party of individual freedom, states rights, local control. Fiscal responsibility, as well as civil rights even that Big Government was the biggest problem and threat in the country. And that individual freedom was our best solution to fixing all of our problems, most of those advantages are gone. The Goldwater/Reagan coalition is no longer running the GOP, instead of being a party that could win in the Northeast. House, Senate, win Governorships, as well as the Midwest. And West Coast, California even, the GOP has become the Bible Belt party that struggles to win or even compete outside of rural America. Where most of the country lives and you can't be a governing party when your main base is where most of the country. Doesn't live you have to be able to win and compete for votes and win elections where the people are as we saw. In the Presidential and Senate elections in 2012.

The GOP doesn't have to the pro choice party on abortion, the idea that protecting what pro life people believe. Is innocent life at conception is a reasonable position but they can't be anti abortion across the board even to. Protect the women's health and life, which is sorta where they are now, they are going to have to moderate there. And for them to be pro life, it has to be more then just about abortion and start getting behind things like. Adoption and caring about people who live under tough conditions, preaching the message of economic Conservatism. To low income people and minorities, something that Jack Kemp was so effective at when he was in the House. And after he left elected politics and they can't be the Big Government party, individual freedom has to be exactly that. Where you don't believe in outlawing things just because you don't like them, they have to move away. From the Rick Santorum's and Michelle Bachmann's of the World and become that party of individual freedom again.

The changing demographics in America represent a huge problem for today's GOP, today's GOP as it stands. Will go out of business but this is also a great opportunity for the GOP of the future if the Republican leadership. Plays it right and tells non traditional Republicans that Conservatism is the wave of the future because its. About both economic freedom and social freedom that Americans should have the freedom to live their own lives. Without Uncle Sam interfering with how they live just because Uncle Sam doesn't like the way they live. That America isn't just for people who are still stuck in the 1950s but one of the things that makes America a great country is our diversity.

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