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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The New Republic: Jonathan Cohn: President Obama Won A Mandate To Take America Further Forward

Obama Won A Mandate On Election Day To Take America Further Forward | The New Republic

CNN Senior Political Analyst David Gergin made the point last night, because of how well President Obama. And perhaps other Democrats did with Latino Americans, that the President won a mandate for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. And that he could put the Republican House in a tight spot, as well as an opportunity for them to reach out to Latinos by embracing Immigration Reform. That goes further then just closing the border or securing the border that deals with the 10-15M Illegal Immigrants in the. Country short of attempting to deport all of them, that entered the country illegally but haven't committed other felonies. And  I believe David Gergin is right and the President would be smart to push for this and even put a plan on the table and at least see if he can get any movement in the Democratic Senate on it. Republicans are simply going to have to be able to reach out to non Caucasian voters in the country as their share. Of the voting population shrinks and the minority share continues to grow.

So I believe the President would be smart to take up Comprehensive Immigration Reform right after the financial. Situation and economy is hopefully successfully addressed but as far as that goes, I believe the President would also be smart and won a mandate to push. For a more balance approach to Deficit Reduction, that yes includes cuts, savings and reforms but also includes new revenue. The 250K$ figure letting the Tax Cuts expire for people making more then that won't happen no matter what. At least in the next Congress but the President would be smart to raise that cap to 500K$ to a million dollars and if. Republicans says no to that, he would be able to successfully make the case that Republicans are protecting the. Millionaires and holding Tax Cuts for the Middle Class hostage, as well as move to cut Tax Loopholes to pay for Deficit Reduction.

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