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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Hill: Cameron Joseph & Alexandra Jaffe: Dems See Slight Edge in Race for Senate

Dems see slight edge in race for Senate - The Hill's Ballot Box

I think this is the second best political story of 2012, assuming Senate Democrats retain the majority going into. The next Congress, that Senate Republicans blew a golden opportunity to win back the Senate, with 23-33 seats being up for reelection. Are Democratic, with a weak economy and high unemployment and a Democratic President and Senate Democrats still hold the majority going into the next Congress. If Senate Republicans don't win control in 2012, it will only get harder for them in two years if the President is. Reelected with the economy looking like its ready to finally take off, President Obama's popularity would go. Up as a result if he avoids scandal and Senate Republicans will only have themselves to blame for the weak candidates. They put up, as well as putting safe Republican seats in play with Far Right candidates knocking off Republicans who would've won those seats easily.

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