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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Hill: Alexander Bolton: Sens. Alexander, Bennet Give Leaders Emergency Plan to Avoid 'Fiscal Cliff'

Sens. Alexander, Bennet give leaders emergency plan to avoid 'fiscal cliff' - The Hill

Here's another kick the can proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff, well intentioned though I'm sure but still leaves. The same issues on the table that President Obama and Speaker Boehner are trying to compromise on as we speak. That includes new budget savings and new revenue, if Senator Bennet and Senator Alexander, who are both very responsible. Senators in this process, want to pass an extension so Congress and the President can avoid the fiscal cliff, then they should put a real proposal on the table. That has real budget savings now that wouldn't hurt anybody who can't afford to get hurt and real new revenue. Right now just not enough on both sides to fix the problems but buys the President and the Congress time to pass. A long term debt and deficit reduction package that solves this problem so we don't have to go through this as. A country and government every year or every two years.

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