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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FRSFreeState: The New Republic: Timothy Noah: "The Electoral College: Abolish It, Please"

The Electoral College: Abolish It, Please. | The New Republic

Even if there's a split in the Presidential Election tonight, where one person wins the Electoral College but loses. The Popular Vote, with it being possible we could have a reelected President, with more people preferring his opponent. Over him, I don't believe we should end the Electoral College because it allows small States who otherwise wouldn't get much attention during the political season, to be players in a. Democratic election, States like New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada to use as examples, yes the Electoral College. Does put big States out of play, because they lean so far for one party, that neither the Democratic Republican candidates. Spend much time campaigning there, States like New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Texas, California to use as examples but it also puts other big States in play and gets them attention. That otherwise probably wouldn't get because they are swing States, like North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania. Ohio, Michigan to use as examples, so there are plus's and minus's to the Electoral College.

What we need to do is reform the Electoral College and have an Election System where all States matter in deciding. Who wins the Presidential Election and we can do this by reforming the Electoral College and make the Popular Vote a determining factor. In who wins the Presidential Election and we can do this by eliminating the Two Party System and giving Universal Ballot Access to all of the Presidential Nominees. So all political voices are represented in American Politics, reform our polls so all Presidential Nominees would. Have to be included in polls and have a system where all Presidential Nominees would be included in the debates. And they would all get to appear on National TV during the debates, not saying that they would all have to be on the same stage. But we could have a system where the top three Presidential Nominees would appear in one debate and the others in a separate debate, either on the same night. Right after the first debate or the following night.

As far as the Electoral College, not scrap it but amend it and have a system that to win the Presidential Election. You have to win both the Electoral College and the Popular Vote and when there's a split, we would have a National Runoff with the top three Presidential Nominees on the ballot. And the one who wins 51% of the runoff, would be the next President and if there isn't a clear winner after the first runoff. Then there would be a second runoff between the top two Presidential Nominees.

We need a new system that doesn't empower some States over others but where we all have a say in who wins the. Presidential Election and where votes would no longer be ignored and we could get there with these reforms.

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