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Monday, November 5, 2012

FRSFreeState: The Liberal Case to Vote For President Obama: Why America Should Reelect President Obama

As a Liberal Democrat I've had a lot of disagreements with President Obama whose turned out to be too. Centrist for me on issues where you expect Democrats to be good on with their Liberal leanings like, Civil Liberties, issues like Indefinite Detention and the Patriot Act. Issues where you would think a Liberal Democrat, that Barack Obama is suppose to be, even though I have my. Doubts would be strong on and then you go into the increase in the prosecution of the War on Drugs. Especially the crackdowns on Medical Marijuana and Marijuana in general, my issues with President Obama, being a real Liberal Democrat myself and not a Moderate Liberal. Where Barry Obama tends to fall, have to do with Social Issues and Freedom of Choice, like with the. War on Drugs where you would think that someone with the intelligence of a Barack Obama would be much. Better on but fine, I'm not giving a pass to President Obama on these issues and assuming he's reelected. Tomorrow night which I expect he'll be, these aren't good enough reasons for me and other Democrats to not vote tomorrow or vote third party, Gary Johnson who is a real. Liberal Democrat or Jill Stein whose a Progressive Democrat ideologically.

Assuming President Obama is reelected tomorrow night which I expect he'll be, my issues that I have. With the President, I'll continue to push in his second term if he doesn't improve on them but considering who'll be the next President if President Obama is not reelected. Mitt Romney with perhaps a Tea Party Congress or at least a Tea Party House, Senate Democrats will probably. Hold on tomorrow night, whoever wins the Presidential Election, Senate Republicans have really blown. A big opportunity here and thats for a future blog assuming Democrats still control the Senate in. The next Congress but considering where the country was when President Obama took over and where we. Are headed now and where we could be headed in the next four years economically and the fact President Obama. Being reelected is our only shot at getting a balance Deficit Reduction package and his record on Civil Rights, especially as it relates to Gays. The President Obama is the only choice tomorrow night for Democrats, Liberal or Progressive.

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