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Friday, November 16, 2012

Foreign Affairs: Andrew F. Krepinwich: National Security Strategy in a Time of Austerity

Strategy in a Time of Austerity: As Western defense budgets are declining, the price of projecting power is increasing and the range of interests requiring protection is expanding. To square this circle, the Pentagon needs to embrace a dramatic shift in its strategy. It should turn its focus away from repelling traditional cross-border invasions and pursuing regime change followed by stability operations -- and concentrate instead on assuring access to key regions and the global commons.

With America facing a national debt of 16T$ and an annual national deficit of over 1T$, with those numbers. Only going to climb if our debt and deficits aren't addressed and we continue to have weak economic growth with high unemployment. The defense budget which represents about 20% of the Federal budget, if you include the war spending, defense spending is going to have to be part of. Deficit reduction thats just a fact and here's why and its not a question of should we have strong defense or should we have. A weak defense, are should we be hawks or doves, I'm more of a hawk myself but its a question of should we have smart. Defense or should we have wasteful defense where our defense budget is built around defending Americans. In the United States and around the World or are we spending money on weapons systems that we no longer need. And were designed for a different era and are we spending money to defend countries that can afford to defend themselves.

I'm not talking about gutting the defense budget and get our budget to around where the European Union spends. On its defense budget as part of its GDP and I'm not talking about making savings in the defense budget, to invest in social programs or in infrastructure. What I'm talking about is focusing our defense budget on defending America and being able to help our allies when they need it. Or be able to help a country thats being brutalized, even by its own government in partnership with our allies. And using the savings we get from this to help pay down the debt and deficit, as well as spending some of that money. To focus on the national security challenges of today and in the future, in areas like counter terrorism and special operations. And demanding that countries that can afford to defend themselves do that.

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