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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The New Republic: Jonathan Cohn: The President Obama Everybody Missed In Denver? He Showed Up On Long Island

The Obama Everybody Missed In Denver? He Showed Up On Long Island. | The New Republic

The key moments for President Obama last night and I pointed them out in my blog about the debate. Had to do with Libya, where he took offense to Mitt Romney for claiming that the President didn't recognize the Libya. Attacks for what they were and Candy Crowley correcting Governor Romney on that would be another moment, so the audience could see that Mitt was simply wrong about that. And the 47% remark at the end of the debate, where the President saved his best for last so to speak, saying that Mitt Romney had essentially. Written off half of the country and saying all of these people see themselves as victims and pointed out who are part of the 47%, like people who are currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, defeating. Terrorists who would like to attack Americans, Mitt Romney didn't have any positive moments like that in the debate, instead he took all of these punches, without a counter defense, which is how he lost. He took too many big shots.

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