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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Hill: Third Obama-Romney Debate Sets Stage For Final Campaign Push

Third Obama-Romney debate sets stage for final campaign push - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

The last chance tonight for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama to speak to a very large audience and layout what. They plan to do as President in the next four years, perhaps as many as 60M people and layout what they want to do on Foreign Policy. The President should defend his record, when he needs to and layout exactly what his administration has accomplished so far and Governor Romney should finally layout what he. Believes when it comes to Foreign Policy and see if you speak past talking points, we should be strong, not negotiate out of weakness and so fourth and explain exactly what he means by that. And see if he can sound like his own man, rather then sounding like another George W. Bush, who committed us to two wars. In eighteen months and put both wars on the National Debt Card.

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