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Thursday, October 11, 2012

FRSFreeState: ABC News: 2012 Vice Presidential Debate, Rep. Paul Ryan vs VP Joe Biden: First Thoughts

I'm going to do with this debate, which is to do in two parts, what I did with the first Presidential Debate. The first part about Vice President Joe Biden, which of course you can see on this blog, a home for Democratic Politics and you'll be able to see part two of this blog over at my sister blog, that. Covering Republican Politics from a non Republican.

First of all this what I thought Vice President Biden had to do tonight, I believe he had to stop the. Bleeding that his campaign is going through right now, the Obama/Biden Campaign, after President Obama's lackluster debate a couple of weeks ago, not makeup for the President's bad performance. A Vice President can't do that but to tell his supporters, Democrats and other Leftists, that we aint dead yet to use blue collar lingo, this election is not over, we are still working. We are moving forward and we can win this thing, we are still in this thing and I think he accomplished that, Democratic support will go up, the intensity will go up, fundraising. Volunteering, that sort thing, that were probably taking hits the last couple of weeks, I believe that bleeding will stop, because the Vice President brought his gloves, finally. Talked about the 47%, finally talked about in depth about the Romney/Ryan Medicare plan, they were talking about taxes a lot and moderator Martha Raddatz who I believe did a great. Job and is one of ABC News's best reporters, if not best reporter had them on taxes and the VP used that opportunity to try to force Representative Ryan to explain their Economic Plan in. Detail and I don't believe Rep. Ryan did a very good job of that.

The other thing that Vice President Biden did well tonight, was every time that Representative Ryan. Landed a punch, unlike President Obama a couple of weeks ago, instead of covering up like Muhammad Ali vs Larry Holmes from 1980 and if you are not a boxing fan, I'm sorry for the reference. But it fits this, instead of just taking the punch and moving on, he fought back, corrected where Rep. Ryan was wrong and then threw his own punch, I'll give you a couple of examples. Rep. Ryan talking about the stimulus it failed and it was a bad idea, Joe Biden pointing out that Rep. Ryan personally requested and sent a letter to the Vice Presidents Office, the VP being. In charge of the 2009 Recovery Act, requesting millions of dollars to prevent a Janesville business, from going under and on the deficit, Rep. Ryan talking about how bad. The deficits were, VP Biden pointing out the fact that Rep. Ryan voted to put two wars on the National Debt Card and Medicare Advantage on the National Debt Card as well.

Joe Biden did what Barack Obama didn't do a couple of weeks ago, which was come to the debate to debate. Barack sorta made a guest appearance a couple of weeks ago, just there to not make mistakes, thinking all he had to do was to run out the clock and if I'm the President right now I'm. Studying my own Vice President and taking two lessons from it, unanswered attacks are accepted as facts and when you are not on offense, you are on defense, this debate doesn't swing. All the momentum back to the Obama/Biden Campaign but it does stop the bleeding and buy them time until the next debate but then it will be up to the President to advance his own cause.

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