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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Slate: Chrysler Refutes Ohio Romney Ad; Campaign Shrugs

Mitt Romney knows opposing the auto bailouts is killing his chances of winning that State and is trying. To get out of it, even by stretching the truth even more then usual and he just got called out on it big time. Mayor Ed Koch Endorses the President for Four More Years

Keep in mind that Mayor Koch endorsed President Bush in 2004

The New Republic: Nate Cohn: Daily Breakdown: State Polls Show President Obama Ahead, National Polls Show A Tight Race

Daily Breakdown: State Polls Show Obama Ahead, National Polls Show A Tight Race | The New Republic

President Obama still with the edge in the swing States, which means the Electoral College, which determines who wins the Presidential Election.

The Hill: Niall Strange: Odd couple Governor Christie and President Obama to Tour Devastated NJ Shore

Odd couple Christie and Obama to tour devastated NJ shore - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Hurricane Sandy will boost President Obama, because he'll come off as someone whose on top of the disaster. And responds effectively from them and can work with Republicans like Chris Christie to deal with them.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Slate: Republicans Anti Abortion Stances

Don't tell me you are against Big Government or the Federal Government is too big, when you believe Government should be telling. People what they can and can't do with their own bodies, once Government can control what we can do with our own bodies or how we can spend our own money. Or can control our money with high taxes and regulations, they have all of the power over us. Big Government is not just about taxing, spending and regulating a lot but the ability for Government. To control who people live their own lives.

The Economist: US Election Latest: Back to business

Virginia is moving right now towards President Obama after Mitt Romney was leading for the last few weeks. And North Carolina is getting closer after again Governor Romney having a lead there the last few weeks. These are two States that Mitt Romney has to win or he can't win the Presidential Election, since the winner is the person who wins the Electoral College and President Obama. Still holds a lead in Ohio, these polls are all tight but with the President having leads in Republican States. That Mitt Romney has to win.

The New Republic: John McWorter: What Are President Obama’s African American Critics Talking About?

What Are President Obama’s Black Critics Talking About? | The New Republic

I believe African American criticism of President Obama is on two fronts, one having to do with Progressive Democrats. In the community who are disappointed that along with other Progressive Democrats, African American or non African American, that President Obama is not the Progressive or. Socialist that Right Wingers claim that he is and that Progressives thought they were getting, this disappointment. Is pretty clear in the Congressional Black Caucus and other organizations and the other disappointment. Comes from Religious Conservatives in the African American community, who are unhappy with President Obama's stances on Gay Rights and that he supports Gay Rights. African Americans Ministers who are opposed to Same Sex Marriage and homosexuality to begin with. So there are African Americans who are disappointed with President Obama on multiple fronts.

The Hill: Russell Berman: Emergency Officials: Sandy Will be 'Long-Duration Event,' Election Impact Unclear

Emergency officials: Sandy will be 'long-duration event,' election impact unclear - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

The Northeast got slammed by Hurricane Sandy

Monday, October 29, 2012

CBS News: CBS News Bulletin: JFK Assassination Coverage 11/22/1963

America's Newsman
CBS News: CBS News Bulletin: JFK Assassination Coverage 11/22/1963

You hate to have something like a presidential assassination, or any assassination really have to be the test of the quality of your news coverage or not. But unfortunately greatness only tends to come in times of tragedy and when you’re tested. Times of war and being under attacked, when riots are going on, a death in the family, someone being out of work like your father, or another close relative and you don’t know what the future is going to look like and you fear for it. But unfortunately that is how humans tend to operate. When we’re not tested we tend to be somewhat lax and go back to our everyday normal activities.

And I think our network coverage from CBS News, perhaps especially as they were our biggest news operation back then and NBC News and even the much smaller ABC News, they were all really tested without precedent in how you cover a tragedy like this. No precedent in how you cover a presidential, or any other assassination in the electronic age of broadcast news and network news. All they had is the training and resources that they had to work with when. Which was make sure their people are on the story and getting the information needed and make sure the network executives are giving you the network air time to cover the story.

The JFK assassination is not the only reason why Walter Cronkite is America’s newsman and why we haven’t seen a network news anchor as good since. But it is certainly a reason, because you really got to see how professional and great he was and had to be and couldn’t afford any mistakes. You also got to see his human side especially when he announced the death of President John F. Kennedy. And you got to see how hard of an announcement it was for him to make. Cronkite, personally knew Jack Kennedy and personally liked him. So it must have been announcing the death of one of your friends on live on national TV. With millions of people watching you and he did it as well as it could’ve been done.

WCVB-TV News Boston: 1994 Romney-Kennedy US Senate Debate: Whose The Real Mitt Romney?

Whose the real Mitt Romney, thats the question of 2012, because no one may know, including Mitt Romney. Because he keeps bringing out new people and personalities and this is something that I don't believe the Obama Campaign has done a very effective job of exploiting so far. This debate from 1994 should be in campaign commercials all over the swing States, the Obama Campaign should be. Playing an ad like this all over Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida and then showing a commercial with Secretary Collin Powell endorsing President Obama. And also showing why Secretary Powell endorsed the President, one of those reasons having to do with the fact that Secretary Powell. Doesn't trust Mitt Romney because Governor Romney keeps changing his positions, at times he can't even keep the same position for an entire debate, this debate being a perfect example of that. Where he says Gays shouldn't be discriminated from anything based on their sexuality but in the next sentence says that the Boy Scouts have the right to prevent Gays from serving with them.

Whose the real Mitt Romney, is he someone who had certain positions on key issues 15-20 years and now. Has had second thoughts on them after seeing new information about those issues or is he someone whose multiple choice, takes out a new position to meet the new political realities. Like as it relates to abortion and Gay Rights, I don't believe anyone knows including Mitt himself and thats. The definition of a flip flopper and one reason why Mitt Romney would be dangerous as President of the United States, because Americans wouldn't have a very good idea in who they would be. Getting as their President and could be getting someone who simply changes their positions to meet the new political realities.

The Economist: US Election Latest: A Less Than Perfect Storm

I don't like putting hurricanes in political terms, especially when lives may be lost as a result of Hurricane Sandy. But this storm could benefit or hurt President Obama and more likely help President Obama, because he and his Administration have shown in the past that they know how to deal. With bad storms, Hurricane Irene in 2011 is an excellent example of that and this could be another opportunity for the President to look Presidential similar to when it comes to Foreign Policy. Issues that only a President can deal with, this is a storm that really can't benefit Mitt Romney other then using the opportunity to visit areas that are affected by the storm and reaching out. To those voters.

Economist Magazine released a poll today that suggested that we are heading for a split election, meaning that one candidate wins the Popular Vote and the other wins the Electoral College. In a split like that, the candidate who wins the Electoral College wins the Presidential Election, The Economist right now has President Obama winning the Electoral College. And Mitt Romney winning the Popular Vote.

The New Republic: Nate Cohn: Daily Breakdown: PPP Polls Show President Obama Ahead In Ohio And Florida

Daily Breakdown: PPP Polls Show Obama Ahead In Ohio And Florida | The New Republic

President Obama gets reelected and perhaps even comfortably electorally if these polls continue to hold. Ohio, Virginia and Florida are all States that Mitt Romney has to win, especially with President Obama holding strong in Wisconsin and Nevada.

The Hill: Amie Parnes: President Obama Taps President Clinton to Help Deliver Final Pitch to Swing-State Voters

Obama taps Clinton to help deliver final pitch to swing-state voters - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

President Clinton is simply a great weapon that Mitt Romney doesn't have that the Obama Campaign can use. Especially in swing States where President Clinton is still popular that he won when he was President. Republicans simply don't have a national figure that can appeal to that many voters, that Democrats have right now.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

WMAR-TV News: SUNDAY: Afternoon Sandy Update

Hoping for the best, that we get hit at night hopefully late night and have the daytime to deal with it

FRSFreeState: ABC News: This Week: Roundtable: Battle for the US Senate

Going into 2012, Senate Democrats had 23-33 seats up for reelection and with a tight Presidential Election. That was expected and with Senate Republicans only needing to pickup 3-4 seats to win back the Senate for the first time since 2004, they lost the Senate in 2006, the odds of Senate Republican Leader. Mitch McConnell becoming the Senate Leader in the next Congress were looking pretty good, especially with at least ten Democratic seats looking they were in play but as politics. Goes its not just a matter of your political affiliation but who the actual candidates are, especially in a swing State like Indiana or Missouri that vote for both Democrats and Republicans. The reason why Senate Republicans are now in a dog fight to not only win back the Senate but to hold on to seats that looked fairly safe at least going in, is because of the candidates. They put up for the Democratic seats, people who look like now they have no business being in Congress, House or Senate and say such strange things, like suggesting that certain rapes are. Legitimate like Todd Akin in Missouri or that babies being born out of a rape is a blessing from God, like Richard Mourdock in Indiana, have put new life in Democratic Senator Claire Mckaskill. In Missouri and now a safe seat in Indiana thanks to Richard Mourdock is now in play for Senate Democrats to pickup.

Thanks to the own candidates that Senate Republicans have put up, what looked like a safe bet for Senate Republicans. Going into 2012 for Senate Republicans to win back the Senate, is now leaning Democratic for Senate Democrats to win back, Senate Democrats will probably hold on to Florida, Ohio. Virginia, New York, and other States and Missouri will probably be headed their way as well and all because of the people that Senate Republicans will put up. And it looks like now for Senate Republicans to win back the Senate, Mitt Romney will probably have to win the Presidential Election. But even if Governor Romney is elected President, Senate Democrats still have a realistic chance of holding onto the Senate with a smaller lead but Senate Democrats right now have. Opportunities to pickup Nevada with Shelly Berkley, Indiana with Joe Donnelly and Arizona as well, because the Republicans in those States aren't running as strong as they should be.

The Hill: Brendan Sasso: Local TV stations in Swing-States Cash in on Deluge of Political Ads

Local TV stations in swing-states cash in on deluge of political ads - The Hill's Hillicon Valley

This does benefit the local economies with all the money it brings in

Saturday, October 27, 2012

ABC News: Nightline: Cynthia McFadden: Inside the New Ku Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan is really nothing more then an American Terrorist Group, with the goal of making America. A purely Caucasian European nation, they are not a Civil Rights group for Caucasian Americans but a groups that preaches that Caucasians are simply better then all non Caucasians and are. Superior purely because of their race.

AP: Mitt Romney Calls for Political Cooperation

I gotta say Mitt Romney has a lot of balls, after running a very negative campaign where he's spent. So much time attacking his opponent and saying things that are simply untrue and has been called out on his false statements and hasn't offered much if any vision of what a Romney Presidency. Would look like, other then to look at what he has done in his business career and the four years he spent as Governor of Massachusetts, to now call for the country to come together and to. Ignore all of that, I gotta say that takes a lot of balls but again we are talking about the guy who has called President Obama a failure as a Commander in Chief and is now going out of his way. To agree with the President when it comes to Foreign Policy.

The Hill: Mario Trujillo: After Bush v Gore, Obama, Clinton Backed Electoral College Reforms

After Bush v Gore, Obama, Clinton backed Electoral College reforms - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

We should amend the Electoral College, with an amendment that would say to win the Presidential Election. You have to not only win the Electoral College but win the Popular Vote as well, along with another amendment that would say, that someone would have to win 60% or more of the vote. To win all of the votes for the Electoral College, so if someone were to win less then 60% of the vote in lets say Indiana. They would be awarded with the percentage of the votes that they won, along with their opponents. If you simply eliminate the Electoral College all together and go to a Popular Vote to decide the Presidential Election, small States like North Dakota, Maine, Vermont, Idaho and so fourth, wouldn't be important. At all candidates would simply ignore those States but with a system that I suggested, not only would the votes in the Electoral College be important but the Popular Vote would be important as well. Candidates would try to not only win States but win them by the largest margins possible, because every vote would be important. And then if one candidate were to win the Electoral College and the other wins the Popular Vote, we would have a runoff with the top two candidates and the runoff would be decided by a Popular Vote.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Slate: Romney Surrogate John Sununu Says Colin Powell Endorsed President Obama Because He's Black

Why Mitt Romney has people who say such stupid things, which is what John Sununu is an expert in doing. Working for him is beyond me.

DNC Rapid Response: When Will Mitt Romney Stand Up to Extremism?

This is a smart play by Democrats, trying to link Mitt Romney to Far Right candidates he's already endorsed. Which could if successful, cost Governor Romney support with Independents.

VOA News: Ethan Chorrin: What Next for Libya

At risk of sounding corny, this is not the time to abandon Libya yes the United States lost an Ambassador. There and that of course is a tragedy but that wasn't a result of the Libyan Government that now has responsible government but the fact that America didn't have adequate security. There for the embassy and the fact that the Libyan Government doesn't have adequate security yet, to avoid tragedies like this. Which means America and Europe, as well as the Arab League. Needs to continue to work with the Libyan Government to help them get that economy going and give them military aid, as well as governmental aid so they can build up their government and so. Libya has the resources to able to govern and protect itself, so we can avoid tragedies there again. The last thing that Libya and the West needs is to see a failed State in a country thats as physically large as Libya and to see Libya become a Terrorist State.

The Hill: Justin Sink & Keith Laing: Working-Class Voters Could be The Key to Mitt Romney's Chances in Ohio

Working-class voters could be the key to Romney's chances in Ohio - The Hill's Ballot Box

President Obama has done a better job in reaching out to the Working Class and he has the Auto Bailouts that. He can point to saving all of those jobs in the Midwest that are dependent on the Auto Industry, that Mitt Romney was against doing.

ABC News: GDP: US Economy Grew at 2 Percent in 3rd Quarter

GDP: US Economy Grew at 2 Percent in 3rd Quarter: The nation’s economy continued to expand in the third quarter, rising at a better-than-expected annualized rate of 2 percent, the Commerce Department said this morning. The Gross Domestic Product numbers are preliminary and will be adjusted but economists had expected a rate of 1.8 percent for the...

This is good news for the economy, because its a sign that things are getting better and that we aren't slipping. Back into recession and it means that a positive jobs report thats due next Friday, could follow this jump in Economic Growth, more people spending more money, because they have more money to spend, which. Means there's more demand out in the economy, which means more people get hired as a result, also good news for President Obama because he can say look things are getting better on my watch. Which is why you should stick with me so I can finish what i started four years ago and we can get this economy back. To strong Economic and Job Growth and watch unemployment go down together with more people working and spending money and paying taxes and seeing the debt and deficit go down. You elect Mitt Romney though, he'll just take us back to the policies that created the Great Recession. Something that we can't afford to go through again.

The New Republic: Jonathan Cohn: The Auto Industry Rescue May Be The Single Best Way To Understand The Choices Voters Face This Election

The Auto Industry Rescue May Be The Single Best Way To Understand The Choices Voters Face This Election. | The New Republic

The GM Bailout is President Obama's ticket to victory in Ohio and why he'll probably win this State again. Because there are roughly a million jobs in Ohio that are tied to the Auto Industry and unemployment Ohio is roughly. A percentage point lower then the national average, 7% in Ohio and it would probably be a lot higher today had it not of been for the Federal Government bailing out General and Chrysler Motors.

Foreign Affairs: Rolf Ekeus & Milfred Braut- Hegghammer: Don't Go Baghdad on Tehran

Don't Go Baghdad on Tehran: In the run-up to the Iraq War, diplomacy and weapons inspections became a means to an end: building a casus belli. That was a mistake then, and it is becoming one now, too. FRSFreeState: Of course all options except for one, have to be on the table when dealing with the Islamic Republic of Iran. And that includes military strikes and even an invasion, the only option that I would exclude would be the United States unilaterally. Invading Iran a large country about the size of Saudi Arabia physically but with three times as many people, roughly 75M people America simply doesn't have the. Resources to occupy such a large country with that many people but when it comes to Iran's WMD or lets says quest to become the second Nuclear Power in the Middle East. All options have to be used before we even contemplate striking Iran to take out their WMD, which means sanctions and even aiding whatever Democratic Opposition that remains. In Iran and hoping at one point they would be strong to take on the IR and bring down this Theocratic Regime and hopefully it would fall peacefully like in Egypt or. If necessary a group of Iranian Rebels could fight back against the Islamic Regime themselves.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

ABC News: Colin Powell Endorses President Obama

Colin Powell Endorses President Obama: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has backed President Obama for a second term in the White House. “I voted for him in 2008, and I plan to stick with him in 2012,” Powell said this morning on CBS. The Republican crossed party lines four...

FRSFreeState: This should help President Obama with Independents and perhaps even open up a lead for him. When it comes to Independents, with Secretary Powell saying that he can't trust Mitt Romney, because he keeps changing his positions, remember General Powell was in the Army for over thirty years. And a big thing that he believes in is strong Leadership, that Leaders have to able to lead and lead, that they. Can't be jumping around with a new position whenever the polls change and I'm guessing it was the last. Presidential Debate when it was about Foreign Policy, where Mitt Romney was going out of his way to. Agree with President Obama on Foreign Policy, when in the primaries and weeks before the last debate, Governor Romney was calling President Obama a weak Leader and accusing him of not having a Foreign Policy. These are not things that someone like Collin Powell wants to hear, when he's thinking about who he should endorse for President of the United States, he wants to know if he can trust or not and he doesn't believe. That he can trust Mitt Romney right now.

AP: Tom Raum: Why It Matters: Candidates Debt Plans

Neither Mitt Romney or President Obama have a serious plan to reduce the debt and deficit, because they. Both know in order to accomplish it, it means doing things that are unpopular, like coming up with savings and reforms in entitlements, defense and the Tax Code. And taking on groups that aren't interested in any serious reforms in these areas, that result in these programs spending less. Then they are today which means both candidates have said is, trust me I have a plan I just can't show it to you until after the election.

The New Republic: Nate Cohn: Daily Breakdown: President Obama's Lead Persists In Ohio, Nevada, And Wisconsin Polls

Daily Breakdown: Obama's Lead Persists In Ohio, Nevada, And Wisconsin Polls | The New Republic

If the polls in Ohio, Wisconsin and Nevada continue to hold, then Mitt Romney is going to have to pickoff Michigan or Pennsylvania or both to win the election.

The Hill Cameron Joseph: Mitt Romney’s Standing Adds Uncertainty to GOP Quest to Control Senate

Romney’s standing adds uncertainty to GOP quest to control Senate - The Hill's Ballot Box

Mitt Romney would be very smart to stay away from some of the Far Right Tea Party candidates, who have made strange statements about rape and other Social Issues.

Monday, October 22, 2012

FRSFreeState: New York Times: Romney Vs Obama Final Round: Presidential Debate: First Thoughts

Again I'm going to do what I did with the previous three debates, layout on this blog how I believe. President Obama did tonight and on my sister blog, where you can how Governor Romney did.

Again I'll go through what I believe President Obama needed to do to win the debate tonight and then. Explain how successful I thought he did tonight, I believe the President and Governor came into essentially a dead heat, basically a tie, perhaps a one point difference either way. I believe the President had to leave the debate looking the way he was going into it, which was Commander in Chief. Tonight was a Foreign Policy debate for the most part, with both men trying to bring in the economy, perhaps as it relates to Foreign Policy. For example for America to be strong abroad, we had to be strong at home, neither man use that line but that was the point that they. Were trying to make, as well as trade that trade relates to Foreign Policy and both men were talking about it, Foreign Policy is President Obama's strength so he needed to remind voters why its. His strength, mainly because of the success's he's had there but also because he has the job and is running against someone with no official Foreign Policy experience, which gave. President Obama an opportunity to show voters what it means to be Commander in Chief, what he goes through and why he's made the decisions he has.

Mitt Romney looked like someone who didn't want to debate Foreign Policy at all tonight and just agree. With a President who has a good Foreign Policy record, at least according to the polls, as often as he can and didn't do anything to layout contrast in what he would've done different as President. Which gave President Obama several opportunities to layout that Governor Romney might agree with me now but thats not his pass record when he was running for the. GOP Presidential Nomination and running for voters who are much further to the right politically. Then most of the country and the President pointed out that back in March, that Governor Romney said Russia is our number. Foe in the World and to point out that this is no longer. The 1980s, we've moved past the Cold War, its over our number one foe is Islamic Terrorism and Authoritarian States that seek to add. Weapons of Mass Destruction, including Nuclear Weapons and then pass those weapons out to terrorist groups.

Mitt Romney did not come to debate Foreign Policy, he knows the President has the clear advantage here. And that Mitt probably hasn't figured out yet what his Foreign Policy is or how it would be different from the President, which gave the President the opportunity to layout to the. Governor are you sure we agree here, because thats not what you said in the past and point out Mitt's inconsistencies, to put it nicely and the President scored big all night in that and thats. How the President won tonight and the only question is how will this debate effect the polls the rest of the way, we'll know more on that later this week.

ABC News: World News: Wisconsin Salon Shootings: 3 Dead, Alleged Gunman Radcliffe Haughton

You would think these shootings would be an opportunity to talk about Gun Control but President Obama. Has been very smart not to, because he doesn't want to lose any Independents in the Midwest who own guns.

The Hill: Third Obama-Romney Debate Sets Stage For Final Campaign Push

Third Obama-Romney debate sets stage for final campaign push - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

The last chance tonight for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama to speak to a very large audience and layout what. They plan to do as President in the next four years, perhaps as many as 60M people and layout what they want to do on Foreign Policy. The President should defend his record, when he needs to and layout exactly what his administration has accomplished so far and Governor Romney should finally layout what he. Believes when it comes to Foreign Policy and see if you speak past talking points, we should be strong, not negotiate out of weakness and so fourth and explain exactly what he means by that. And see if he can sound like his own man, rather then sounding like another George W. Bush, who committed us to two wars. In eighteen months and put both wars on the National Debt Card.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

ABC News: Good Morning America: Gas Prices in America Expected to Plunge After Reaching Record Highs

A couple reasons that we are gas prices have been volatile, going up and down, mostly up lately, have. To do with the economy going up and down and we are importing a lot of foreign oil, if we produced more of our own energy, across the board including in oil and gas, we could bring down our. Gas prices and keep them down, because we would be able to produce all of the energy that we would need to power our economy and country, we produce plenty of energy on our own.

AP: Raw: Blast in Syrian Capital Kills at Least 13

Anyone want to take a trip to Syria right now

Slate: GOP Rep Says No Abortion Exceptions For Health of Mother

Looks like Rep. Joe Walsh is going to lose next month, because of statements like this and he go to the Private Sector. And make crazy statements like this, just not while in Congress.

The Hill: Gay Republican House Candidate Anticipates a Few GOP 'Knuckleheads' in Congress

Gay Republican candidate anticipates a few GOP 'knuckleheads' in Congress - The Hill's Ballot Box

I guess the GOP still has anti Big Government Republicans, meaning Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms.

Friday, October 19, 2012

ACLU: A Victory for Love: Federal Appeals Court Declares DOMA Unconstitutional

The Defense of Marriage Act is clearly Unconstitutional, for the life of me I can't figure out why Bill Clinton. Signed this into law as President in 1996, a man whose a lawyer and whose suppose to be a Liberal Democrat and a big believer of Civil Rights, who served as Attorney General of his own State. Who now says signing DOMA in 1996 was the worst decision he's ever made, DOMA is Unconstitutional for 2-3 reasons, it violates the Equal Protection Clause, that protects all Americans. And gives all of use equal access under law and it also violates the 10th and 11th Amendments, that grant certain powers to the States, marriage has always been something thats been traditionally. Regulated by the States, that changed in 1996 when Big Government Republicans who believe the Federal Government, is apparently now powerful enough, pushed DOMA through Congress. DOMA has only stayed on the books as long as it has, because Right Wingers who believe homosexuals don't. Deserve the same Constitutional Rights as heterosexuals in America and see homosexuality as immoral or something, have ruled in favor of DOMA time after time.

The Hill: Cameron Joseph: Mitt Romney's Strategy of Winning Va.: Ripping President Obama on Defense Cuts

Romney's strategy of winning Va.: Ripping Obama on defense cuts - The Hill's Ballot Box

The problem with this strategy, is that Mitt Romney's own VP Nominee Paul Ryan, voted for the same Defense Cuts. In the House in 2011 and called the Budget Control Act, a Bi Partisan accomplishment, something that the Obama Campaign will remind Virginia voters of.

Slate: Romney Boys Can't Contain Their Obama Debate Anger

This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Press: Slate: Romney Boys Can't Contain Their Obama Debate Anger

Not the most loving and respectful men of the presidency. The Romney Boys, they seem more like thugs working for their father. They seem to want to do what their father other than in the first presidential debate what their father couldn’t do. Which is to beat up President Obama, or at least beat him somewhere. I mean Mitt, clearly wins the first debate and is still clearly trailing the President in the Electoral College, despite now being neck in neck with the President in the popular vote. Mitt, doesn’t look like a winner right now, but someone whose trying to find any place where he can win. So he’s not the Mike Dukakis of the GOP. Someone who badly loses a presidential election that he should have won.

It’s hard to hear negative facts about your father especially in a political campaign. Especially when those facts are about one’s lack of experience, knowledge, judgement, honesty and even credibility. The Romney Sons, might know who Dad is, but the problem is their Dad won’t let the rest of the country know. Because he keeps turning into someone else depending on what office he’s running for, what year he’s running and the people he feels he needs to have supporting him. He’s Moderate Mitt in Massachusetts, he’s Religious Conservative Mitt in 2007 when he’s going for the Christian-Right in Iowa and South Carolina. And now he’s the businessman with results, even though as Governor of Massachusetts, he had a weak jobs record. And laid off a lot of people as a businessman.

Who is Mitt Romney and what do you believe in? Would be my question to him if I ever interviewed him. But I would be carrying a whole notepad of paper, or perhaps my laptop waiting for ten different answers to the same questions. As he’s telling us every different position he has on the same issue. And doing that for each issue. Americans are funny this way in that we like our presidential candidates to tell us who they are and what they believe with some consistency before we decide who we’re going to vote for, not after. I guess we’re just stubborn that way and don’t have much faith in coin flipping when it comes to choosing our political leaders. But we’re into finger flipping when it comes to political leaders that we don’t like. As Mitt knows all too well right now.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The New Republic: Suzy Hansen: "Turkey's President Wants War In Syria. Turks Don't."

Turkey's President Wants War In Syria. Turks Don't. | The New Republic

Turkey may end up doing for the Syrian Rebels, what Nato doesn't want to do and what apparently the Syrian Rebels. Aren't prepared to do yet, which is to knock the Assad Regime out of power, so the opposition can take control.

The Hill: "Democratic Senate Hopefuls in Red States Wrestle With Threat From President Obama"

Democratic Senate hopefuls in red states wrestle with threat from Obama - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

President Obama losing big in some of these Red States, are the biggest threat right now to Senate Democrats. Losing the Senate, States like Nebraska to use as an example, with Democrat Bob Kerry but Senator Kerry could win that State on his own. Because they like and trust him more then his opponent, as well as Senator Kerry being known in Nebraska.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

AP: US Housing Construction Jumps to 4-year High

Just another indicator that the economy is moving, with how the Construction Industry is moving and. We'll probably see a jump in Economic Growth at the end of the year as a result and something like the American Jobs Act and a 5-10 year investment from the Federal Government as well as Private Sector. To rebuild the country, 100-200B$ a year thats paid for in this venture, would complete a lot of much need work in our Public Infrastructure and put millions of Americans back to. Work rebuilding this country and we would see a big boost in Economic Growth as a result, this is something that the President wants to do, I just wish he would take the time to do it in one of these. Debates, because it would go a long way in laying out for the country what his second term would look like and why he should be reelected and is something that Mitt Romney wouldn't be able to. Counter him, probably call it nothing more then some new big spending program, when its not, its really about Economic Growth, that the Federal Government would invest part in but not actually run the program.

ABC News: The Blotter: Brian Ross: Video Shows Drunk, Stoned US Security Contractors

Video Shows Drunk, Stoned US Security Contractors - ABC News

This is our money at work

The New Republic: Jonathan Cohn: The President Obama Everybody Missed In Denver? He Showed Up On Long Island

The Obama Everybody Missed In Denver? He Showed Up On Long Island. | The New Republic

The key moments for President Obama last night and I pointed them out in my blog about the debate. Had to do with Libya, where he took offense to Mitt Romney for claiming that the President didn't recognize the Libya. Attacks for what they were and Candy Crowley correcting Governor Romney on that would be another moment, so the audience could see that Mitt was simply wrong about that. And the 47% remark at the end of the debate, where the President saved his best for last so to speak, saying that Mitt Romney had essentially. Written off half of the country and saying all of these people see themselves as victims and pointed out who are part of the 47%, like people who are currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, defeating. Terrorists who would like to attack Americans, Mitt Romney didn't have any positive moments like that in the debate, instead he took all of these punches, without a counter defense, which is how he lost. He took too many big shots.

The Hill: President Obama Eases Democrats' Worries With Sharp Performance Against Mitt Romney

Obama eases Democrats' worries with sharp performance against Romney - The Hill - covering Congress, Politics, Political Campaigns and Capitol Hill |

Democrats are feeling pretty good again and the enthusiasm gap is probably gone

Slate Magazine: Mitt Romney- 'Binders Full of Women Meme to Take Over The World'

Binder Full of Hillary?
Slate Magazine: Mitt Romney- 'Binders Full of Women Meme to Take Over The World'

Is Mitt Romney capable of getting through an appearance, debate or otherwise, without making a gaffe. Or maybe these so-called gaffes aren’t gaffes and he actually believes in this, lets say garbage and it just slipped out. Does Mitt even at this point where he’s clearly trailing in big Republican states like Florida, Virginia and Ohio, where he needs to win at least two of those states in order to win the presidency even want to be president? Or is he writing a new book, perhaps political manual on how not to run for president if you want to win. The title of the book actually being, “Mitt Romney’s How Not to Run For President.” Maybe he’s hoping he can get Congress even with a Democratic Senate in it, to repeal the 19th Amendment that guarantees all American women the right to vote. And with that he wouldn’t have to bother campaigning for female voters.

I imagine when it comes to life in general and in business, Mitt Romney is a tall handsome, young-looking for a Baby Boomer, intelligent, good man. But when it comes to politics, he must have slept in when God was handing out political brains. I haven’t seen a national politician this week when it comes to appealing to average voters since George H.W. Bush in 1992. When he didn’t know the price of milk and his own Vice President miss spells potato. And this is probably because President Bush hadn’t been to a grocery store and bought his own groceries in over twenty-years at that point. If I’m a women, (and no I’m not looking for a sex change) am I supposed to feel good about Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women”? Or should I take that as a guy who probably watches too much Cinemax late at night, because he can’t sleep, because from all the coffee he drinks on the campaign trail?

As a presidential candidate, Mitt Romney is a gunslinger who always has his gun pointed at his feet and forgets turn the safety off. I don’t know how the man walks around anymore having shot off so many of his own toes. He barely beats a man who wants to take America back to 1955 in a national time machine where women weren’t supposed to work and perhaps even vote. Where gays were locked in prison cells and mental institutions, as well as closets. That being Rick Santorum of course and is now running against a President who struggles to hit fifty-percent when it comes to his own popularity. With high unemployment and weak economic growth. And Mitt finds himself trailing in several big Republican states that he has to win. I mean is Mitt Romney really all the Republican Party has to offer for president? And is this the best they have?