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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FRSFreeState: Senate Democrats: Senator Tom Harkin: "Ryan Budget Is An Assault On Education Funding": What Senate Democrats Are Trying To Accomplish

Instead of legislating this week which is what you would think is what Members of Congress would be doing when Congress is in session. Senate Democrats are going to spend this week attacking the Ryan Budget, the Budget Plan that Representative Paul Ryan Chairman of the House Budget Committee. As well as Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Nominee, wrote back in 2010 when he was still Ranking Member of the Budget Committee. When House Republicans were still in the minority, that he got passed in the House twice in 2011 and 2012 that of course Senate Democrats killed both times. And what Senate Democrats are going to do this week instead of, gee I don't know pass Appropriations bills or pass a budget. Perhaps trying to actually earn their 150K$ a year salaries, thats three times the national average and is financed by Tax Payers, the real job creators in the country. Something that Congress is required to do by law every year, perhaps pass a Jobs bill of their own or least try to force Senate Republicans to block another one, they are going to be spending. The week attacking attacking the Budget Plan of the GOP Vice Presidential Nominee that Mitt Romney endorsed. Essentially doing the dirty work of the Obama/Biden Campaign.

What I believe Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democrats are trying to do here, is to try to link the Ryan Budget with Senate and House Republicans and say that if. The President isn't reelected and Senate Democrats don't retain the majority, that all sort of Social Programs that they care about are going to get gutted or eliminated. They are trying to attack a bad Budget Plan with nothing, because they don't have a Budget Plan of their own. At least Republicans have something they can take to the country and will get beat over it as a result. But they do have a plan and the President says he has a plan to cut the debt by 4T$ but Senate Democrats don't have a plan themselves. But I guess what they can do is attack someone else's plan and hopefully there's someone out there whose actually listening, someone whose not a blogger perhaps and doesn't write about these things.

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