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Thursday, September 6, 2012

FRSFreeState: President Barack Obama's Remarks at The 2012 Democratic National Convention: President Obama Giving Americans a Choice in Who To Vote For

I believe President Obama had to accomplish four things tonight, layout where we were as a country. When he came to office forty four months ago. What they've done to address the issues they faced, the progress we've been making, where we should go from here and how his vision is different. From Mitt Romney, if the 2012 Presidential Election is about a referendum on the President, then Mitt Romney is a clear favorite, I think the President could win on that playing. Field but it would be a much more difficult road, because it would be look these guys have had four years, things are still bad, we need a new coach to lead us forward. But what the Romney/Ryan Campaign won't tell you is that the new coach and his assistant are the twins of President Bush and Vice President Cheney when it comes to policy. The reasons why we have the problems that we do today but here's the playing field that President Obama I believe is a clear favorite, if the Presidential Election. Is a choice of which vision we should select to lead the country forward, then President Obama wins that contest, because its moving forward vs going back to the Bush years and. The President and his policies are a lot more popular then President Bush's.

Some of the criticism that I've heard about President Obama's speech tonight, is that he wasn't very specific. On his policies and where he would take the country forward, they are correct that the President didn't lay out and pass policy plans out on what he would do to create Economic and Job Growth. But what he did do was to speak to things as it relates to energy, infrastructure and manufacturing, these are the jobs that we've created in these fields. Because this is what we've been investing in them through Tax Credits and other things, as well as opening new markets. For American Products and Industries and Foreign Trade and opening up new opportunity through education so people who aren't related to Mitt Romney and can't write one check to cover all of their college costs. Can go to college through Student Loans and Tax Credits to pay for Higher Education. He was saying this what they've been doing, why its working and why we need to continue doing what they are doing.

President Obama spoke to two groups of voters tonight, Blue Collar Independents in North Carolina and Ohio. And Democrats who are not yet crazy enough to actually get themselves to the polls and vote well Democratic, he was telling both Blue Collar Independents and Democrats this is what I've done for you. And what we can do together in the future if you choose me once again and not Mitt Romney and why the other choice for President is not a good one. Because all they have to offer is what has failed before. And I believe the President was successful in at least getting Democrats excited about voting Democratic again, which is closing the deal with the base.

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