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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moriquenta: Noam Chomsky- America is Not A Democracy: The American Liberal Democratic Federal Republic

Source: Moriquenta- Professor Noam Chomsky-
Source: Moriquenta: Noam Chomsky- America is Not a Democracy

Who needs foreigners or terrorists to bash America, when we have Socialists and Neoconservatives to bash America for us here in this country. Saying things like "America is not a Democracy", or we are moving away from our "moral center", or we are losing our "national morality". Which is why we need restrictions on how we live our lives. Of course America is not a pure democracy in the sense that we do everything by majority rule. We have things like the cloture rule and the 60 vote requirement in the U.S. Senate, as well as in some state Senate's. We have an Electoral College that protects small states in the presidential election and prevents the large states from electing all of our president's for the rest of the country for us. We have constitutional rights that can't be taken away from us, because one faction of the country thinks they're not necessary and are against them. So if that is what Professor Chomsky is getting to here, fine. But he's stating the obvious on that.

The question is not whether America is a democracy or not, the only question is what type of democracy we are. And there are actually several types of democracies. There are social democracies, that you see in Europe. Where personal freedom is strong, but where the state plays a heavy role in the economy to take care of it's people. There are majoritarian democracies that aren't real common anywhere, where you probably wouldn't have a national constitution. Or where it would be so weak, because most if not everything would be decided by majority rule, including amendments to the Constitution. Could you imagine if 50.1% decided that Americans no longer needs Freedom of Speech. They could throw it out, if they have at least one person more than the opposition that believes we no longer need Freedom of Speech. There are several different forms of democracy in the world. Social democracy being the most common.

What America is, is a liberal democracy in the form of a constitutional federal republic. Where governmental power is limited and where individual freedom is vast. Just look at our Bill of Rights. And is one of the things that makes the United States so unique and one reason why Social Democrats and Neoconservatives don't like our form of government. And are looking to pass constitutional amendments to make our Federal Government more powerful, to make us look like other countries. Liberal democracy is where yes our leaders are elected. Meaning our legislatures and head's of state (lets say). Meaning the mayor's our of cities, our county executive's, our state governor's and of course the President of the United States. But with our right to vote comes basic individual constitutional rights, that can't be taken away from someone else's right to vote. We can't lose our free speech, because a faction of America sees free speech as dangerous and that is just one example. We're a liberal democratic federal republic, with yes the right to vote. But that also comes with basic individual constitutional rights, as well as checks and balances and check on authority. And there is no other form of government I would want to live with. 

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