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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Five Key Demographic Issues for U.S. Metros: Where America is Headed Politically

The United States thanks to immigration where America is still the country. Where immigrants want to come, whether they live in the Third World or not. Is a growing country and most of this Immigration Growth, comes from non European countries. America is becoming less European everyday and more Latin as well as Asian. To the point by 2050 or so, we'll be a majority minority country, both racially and ethnically. Not to sound partisan but factual but this is great news for the Democratic Party, as well as Libertarian Party. If they ever take advantage of it, because the Immigrant Groups tend to be Democratic. And these immigrants tend to be young and more Liberal-Libertarian, which is bad news for the Republican Party. Thats moved more and more to the right the last twenty years and has become less Pro Immigration. Even though they've traditionally been Pro Immigration. Under Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford and others, Republicans use to call America. A Land of Immigrants, that changed in the mid 1990s under Governor Pete Wilson in California.

As America becomes younger and more Liberal-Libertarian, the Y Generation perfect example of this. As well as the X Generation that I'm a member of, it presents a great opportunity again for Democrats. Especially Liberal Democrats, because these generations don't like Big Government. They don't want government telling them how to live they're lives. Who they can sleep with, who they can marry, they don't want government taxing a lot of they're money. And borrowing and spending a lot of money, we want to be left alone to live our own lives. This is great news for Liberal Democrats and Libertarians, if they ever get they're act together. We'll see what Gary Johnson as they're Presidential Nominee. Can bring to this party but its bad news for Republicans, who still only do well with one Racial Group in America. Caucasians, older Caucasian Men especially.

Great news for Liberals such as myself moving forward, as well as Libertarians. As we've seen with Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Bad news for Republicans, especially Religious and Neoconservative Republicans pushing its Big Government agenda. As well as for Progressives pushing its Big Government agenda and we'll see if these factions adapt to these new demographics. And how well Liberals and Libertarians take advantage of it.

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