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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Senate Democrats Defeat Blunt Amendment, Protect Women's Health: GOP Snatching Defeat out of the Jaws of Victory

In an election that suppose to be all about the economy and really nothing else. Perhaps with some Foreign Policy and Healthcare mixed in, where we 8.2% Unemployment and where the economy. Is still struggling to grow, if your the Opposition Party during these circumstances. You should be in a mood to party, thinking about who's going to be your Vice President. How much authority your going to give to that person, who's going to serve in your Cabinet. Getting ready to move into the Senate Leaders Office, who's going to be your Committee Chairman, are you going to bring in anyone knew to your Leadership. Getting ready to welcome all of your new Freshmen Senators, how many seats your going to add to your House Majority. An Economic Climate like this, where you make the whole election about the economy, where your Frontrunner is a proven Business Leader. A former Governor of a Democratic State and what to you do, instead of focusing on the issues that should favor you. The economy was going through the starts of the "Great Recession" in 2009 when President Obama took over and he's had three years to deal with it. And the economy still isn't that good and its time for a change and we have a proven Business Leader to bring that change. Thats what the Republican Message should be, "its the economy stupid". Not about a Culture War, if your going to fight those battles, you do it when nothing important is going on.

The Republican Party should be treating 2012 like 1992 or 1980, Democrats had their chance to fix the economy. And have failed, that should be their message, now as a Democrat I could counter that. But if this election is about the economy six months from now and the economy isn't getting better. Maybe unemployment goes up again and the GOP unites behind Flip Flopper, I mean Mitt Romney. Slip of the tongue, then the GOP wins and takes a Republican Congress with them. But keep in mind we are talking about the Republican Party, people who see Same Sex Marriage and Islam as threats to National Security. Not the sharpest knives in the kitchen by any stretch of the imagination. So instead of taking the easiest route to victory, they stop to see if there are any other routes. And they've found the Culture War as their route to victory, issues where they are losing and have been losing. Again "its the economy stupid" as James Carville pointed out in 1992, twenty years ago. Sen. Roy Blunt attaches a Contraception Amendment to a Transportation bill, a Bi Partisan Transportation bill thats a jobs bill. fixing and expanding Public Infrastructure in America. Written by Sen. Barbara Boxer Chairman of the Public Works Committee and Sen. Jim Inhoffe Ranking Member of the Public Works Committee.

Once again the GOP has snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory, by making a Transportation bill thats about the economy. About the Culture War and making that bill about Birth Control. Someone needs to remind the Senate GOP, that "its the economy stupid" and that its no longer the 1950s and we don't live in the Middle East . And they need to be relevant when it comes to the issues and times.

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