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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

House GOP Seeks Election Year Budget Contrast: Another 2012 Campaign Plan

Back in January President Obama released his Federal Budget plan that was more about 2013. And Campaign 2012 then passing a Federal Budget. I'm a Democrat saying this but thats the truth, now Rep. Paul Ryan Chairman of the Budget Committee. Is doing the same thing for House Republicans, giving them something that Republicans believe in and want to run on. Chances are Mitt Romney the Republican Frontrunner will back the plan as well. And most House Republicans will back it, except for maybe some that are facing tough reelections. But Tea Party members and a lot of them will be facing tough reelections, they do have 62 Representatives up for reelection. Will most likely support this plan a anyway, giving Democratic Candidates something to run against. I don't agree with Rep. Ryan on much, other then we agree that the deficit and debt are very serious. And need to be addressed, we just have very different approaches in how to accomplishing it. But he's a smart guy and must know that his plan is DOA in the Senate. Leader Reid will probably just bring it up to vote it down or block it. To use against Senate Republicans. This plan is about the 2012 General Elections pure and simple.

If Rep. Ryan and the House GOP Leadership were serious not just about taking on the debt and deficit. But passing a bill out of Congress that President Obama would sign, then his plan would have real Entitlement Reform in it. That gave Senior Citizens more choice, not less choice which is what's in the Ryan Medicare plan. Raising the Retirement Age for people who can afford to work longer, for both Medicare and Social Security. And perhaps even turn this programs into Welfare programs. Just for the people who need them, which would save both programs billions of dollars. Reducing Defense Spending by closing our bases in Developed Nations that can afford to defend themselves. And real Tax Reform that eliminates Corporate Welfare, other wasteful Tax Loopholes. And lowers Tax Rates on everyone, so the success or failure of everyone. Is based on how they run their business and what they produce.

The fact is neither Democrats led by the President or the Republicans led by the Speaker of the House. Have a serious Federal Budget plan that would not only take on the debt and deficit. But would allow the Federal Government to pass a Federal Budget for the first time since 2005. Which might be worth blogging about on its own. Which gives you an idea of the quality of Leaders we have in Washington right now. And that these issues won't be seriously dealt with until 2013 after the General Elections if at all.

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