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Monday, January 23, 2012

Senate Leader Harry Reid: New Year's Wishes: What to expect from Congress in 2012

Senate Leader Harry Reid gave a speech on the Senate Floor today saying that he hoped to work with Congressional Republicans. This year to basically work on the issues that confront the country. I would like a Vacation Home in San Diego, I'm not expecting that to happen anytime soon. One can hope for anything, a midget could hope to be six feet tall, a fish could hope to fly. A cat could hope to bark, Orlando could hope for snow. The thing about hope though is that its limited but what's reasonable, which is what Leader Reid is hopefully more focused on. As I'm sure he hopes to be reelected Leader of the Senate in 2012, which is one hope thats realistic. But what's reasonable or what former Vice President Hubert Humpfrey once called. "The Art of the Possible", are two different things and Senate Democrats led by Leader Reid. Especially as they face a General Election thats coming up where they have 23 Senate Seats up for reelection. And an Election where victory means holding on to the Senate, even with a 51-49 Majority or 50-50 even. If the President is reelected instead of actually adding to their 53-47 narrow majority. And they'll have another big debate ahead of them with Senate Republicans and House Republicans coming up. Over extending the Payroll Tax Cut and extending Unemployment Insurance, if both sides get through that. Without a huge Partisan Fight. Not expecting that, then maybe thats a sign. Of Divided Government working well in 2012.

What to expect in 2012 especially with the President's State of the Union Speech Tuesday Night sounding like a Campaign Speech. And an Announcement for his Reelection Campaign, well if your familiar with the year 2011. Then you already know the answer to that question, especially with another Debt Ceiling debate coming up. House and Senate Republicans trying to position themselves around the eventual Republican Nominee for President. And their Nominee doing the same with Congressional Republicans. Congressional Democrats doing the same thing with President Obama. In this is how American Politics tends to work especially during Election Years. With both parties trying to make the case in why they should get both Congress and the White House. Democrats want to retain the White House obviously, retain the Senate and take back the House. Republicans want the White House back, retain the House and take back the Senate. And in order to do this, both parties have to convince American Voters. That they not only have the right agenda for the country and that they are different from the other party. And to do that, there's only so much compromising you can do with the other party to make that case.

So again you know take Senate Speeches for what they are for, I guess if you listen to anything long enough. You might find some truth and something that makes sense in it. And that even applies to the Senate but thats not the most reliable place for sense and truth. And you got know that Senators have a habit of speaking to empty rooms. To lay down goals in what they are trying to accomplish and that if they can find support on the other side. Great but what they are really interested in is passing their agenda, whether it has Bi Partisan support or not. And thats what Leader Reid's speech today was about.

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