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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Must see! The True Story of the Tea Party": What the Tea Party has become

The Tea Party Movement could've become something very powerful when they started out in late 2008. To attack all the bailouts that the Federal Government were up to and then later moved on to Healthcare Reform. The debt and deficit, rewriting the US Constitution and so fourth. They could've been the Political Movement that replaced Bush Neoconservatism that had run the Republican Party the previous eight years. And moved the Republican Back to Reagan Classical Conservatism. That we are going to again be about Limited Government and Individual Liberty. Not try to outlaw things like Premarital Sex, or Adultery, Same Sex Marriage, Homosexuality all together. Pornography, non European Immigration, push for censorship of the Entertainment Industry. Things that the Christian Right have been pushing for, for over thirty years now. We were no longer going to invade countries that don't threaten us, a Limited Government and Foreign Policy. That best represents American National Security Interests, instead of basically where they are now. Combining the multiple Political Factions of the GOP into one Political Movement. The Tea Party now has the Christian Right, Neoconservatives, a few Reagan Classical Conservatives in it and even some Libertarians. They are trying to represent everyone in the Republican Party and have lost influence as a result. Without having a Presidential Candidate of their own and leaving that up to the Christian Right and GOP Establishment.

What happens when one Political Movement tries to bring everyone else in, they get divided. Which is where the Tea Party is now and as a result, the Republican Party is left with. King Flip Flopper himself Mitt Romney the GOP Establishments favorite choice but no one else's. Mr. I'll Say what I need to do to get elected. And do as President what I feel I need to and if people don't like it. Tough thats what you get for listening to a politician. Mr I was for when it was popular but I'm against it now because its unpopular. Why do think Mitt Romney scores so badly when the question is asked. Who would make a strong Leader and people like Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich score well. Because people believe Paul and Gingrich when they take positions. Because they are not afraid to take unpopular positions if they believe in them. Had the Tea Party just sticked to what they were in the beginning. The Federal Government is the problem because its too big and spend too much money. And not try to combine Economic Conservatism with Religious and Neoconservatism. With people like Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Michelle Bachmann. Maybe they have a Presidential Candidate today thats at least pushing Romney for the nomination. Maybe they get behind Ron Paul or Buddy Roemer instead.

I don't see the Tea Party as a major factor in the Presidential Race at least in the General Election. Except that Mitt Romney will of course need them to vote for him. To have any hope of defeating President Obama but they won't determine who the GOP Nominates for President. Thats pretty much already been decided but the Tea Party will play a big role in determining the Control of Congress next year. The House and Senate and thats probably what they are focusing on right now.

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