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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sen. Landrieu on Families Living in Public Housing: How to Reform Public Housing

Forcing families out of Public Housing because one Family Member gets into trouble with the Law Enforcement. Is wrong or forcing them to do to Public Service because they receive Tax Payer Subsidies. When we don't force other people who receive Tax Payer Subsidies that have more resources to do so is wrong to. But we do need to Reform Public Housing in America and stop forcing Public Housing Residents to live in in ghettos and other Run Down Neighborhoods. With the High Crime, bad schools, High Poverty everything else, which is how the Public Housing System was designed in the 1960s. Of course by the Federal Government as part of the Great Society which was designed to prevent homelessness. But even though it was part of the "War on Poverty", there wasn't much in there to help Low Income people in Public Housing at least. To get out of poverty and move up to the Middle Class and be Self Sufficient. The idea was to send all of the people who were in danger of being homeless to Public Housing. In very bad neighborhoods, with High Crime, Poverty, bad schools not much help of getting out of poverty. Without out many possibilities for getting a good job especially for a lot of these residents who don't have much of an education to begin with. And then people why we have Generations of Poverty in America or as Pat Moynahan called Cycle of Poverty. Because we've confine so many Low Income people in America to these rough neighborhoods with out much hope for a future. And haven't done a whole lot to help out of that environment.

What I would do with Public Housing in America is what I would do with a lot of the American Safety Net. Is similar to how I would approach Homelessness in America. Take it off the budget of the Federal, State and Local Governments. Convert them over to the State and Locals. And into Semi Private Non Profit Self Financed Community Services. Homeless people could stay in what I would call Housing Centers not Homeless Shelters. That people would stay while they are getting help looking for a Full Time place to stay and getting a job. So they can have their own home and not have to live in Public Housing. And I would do the same thing for people in Public Housing helping them get a better life. Through going back to school, Community College, Job Training, Job Placement. Public Housing could be financed through the rent of their residents. As well as the Employers of Low Income Workers living in Public Housing, people who are unemployed would get their Public Housing through Public Assistance. While they are getting help getting a good job through Education, Job Training and Job Placement and they would be able to leave Public Housing. Housing Centers could be financed through the Public Assistance that their clients would receive and the work that they do for the Housing Center.

There people who complain about Poverty in America all the time, that we are the richest country in the World. Yet we have some many people Living in Poverty but when it comes to ideas. About how to address Poverty in America, all they can offer up are ways to help sustain people who Live in Poverty. And when their ideas proposed or laws created to address Poverty in America that actually helps people get out of Poverty. They oppose them, like the 1996 Welfare to Work Law that had Bi Partisan support in Congress that was signed by President Clinton. This is a plan to help move people out of poverty not just sustain them while in poverty.