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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Mikail Gorbachev's Domestic Reforms Led to End of Soviet Union": And he Deserves Credit for it

President Ronald Reagan gets a lot of credit for ending not winning the Cold War, except for perhaps some Neoconservatives. Who believed President Reagan won the Cold War, the fact is a lot of that work to win the Cold War. Happened well before Ron Reagan became President like in the late 1940s and 50s with the United Nations and NATO. President Truman if anything should get more credit for winning that war, along with President Eisenhower. But President Reagan does deserve credit for the Cold War winning and America coming out on top of Russia with the Soviet Union and their Communist System collapsing. Because with the increase in the US Defense Budget spending at rates with Russia trying to keep up but without the resources to do so. Which I believe brought Mikail Gorbachev to the Presidency of the Soviet Union, because the Communist Party believed they needed a new face. And President Gorbachev figured out quickly that Russia didn't have the resources to keep up with American Defense Spending. Which brought Russia to the Negotiating Table with America the Superpowers meeting in 1985 and starting a healthy partnership. Between President Reagan and President Gorbachev to pass treaties to bring down the growth in Nuclear Weapons between the Superpowers.

President Gorbachev as President HW Bush's National Security Director Brent Scowcroft said wasn't a democrat or a liberal. But someone who saw that the Soviet Communist System wasn't working. And was badly in need of reform for Russia to remain a World Power, economically and in other areas. And I believe President Gorbachev wanted to open up the Russian Economy so Russia could be more then just a World Power with its Military and Diplomacy. But could compete in the World economically and no longer have Food Shortages things you see in Third World Countries. He wanted Russia to be able to feed itself and export food, produce its own energy and export it. Something that China figured out 5-10 years before, he didn't want to blow up or occupy the United States or European Union. But he wanted to be able to compete with them. As World Powers, he wanted to reform the Communist System to make it more efficient. And that meant opening up the economy, closing down or privatizing Russian Industry's. And give russians more freedom to chart their own courses in life, instead of being dependent on the State for everything.

I believe Mikail Gorbachez wanted to establish what I call a Neocommunist System in Russia. Where the Federal Government and Communist Party would still control a lot of power. But where the people and business's would be able to make it on their own in Russia. Which is what's happening in China today and to a certain extent Russia as well under President Valadimir Putin. And President Gorbachev deserves a lot of credit for the Soviet Union collapsing. And what's going in the Russian Federation today where they have the strongest economy they've ever had. Thats just going to get bigger and stronger and Russia once again emerging as a World Power but not just with their military.