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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Poor Showing of Russia's Ruling Party: Sign of Progress for Russia

The last time the Russian Federation held Parliamentary Elections, Valadamir Putin's "United Russia Party". Which is actually a Neoconservative or Neocommunist Party, won something like 90% of the seats. In the State Duma, and President Putin called for Martial Law in Russia. Where he would be able to appoint the Governors or their Republics which is States or Provinces. They nationalized Anti Putin News Organizations or closed them down, including arresting people. Who published Anti Putin Information, basically making President Putin the Dictator of Russia. They disqualified Anti Putin Political Candidates because they didn't like Valadmir Putin. I believe President Putin has the vision of Russia where he wants to rebuild the RF Military. And once again make Russia a World Power in Military and on Foreign Policy. While at the same time with the Russian Educated Class and they are well educated, they now have 50M Internet Users. And perhaps the most Natural Resources in the World and are Energy Independent, build up the Russian Economy. And make Russia a World Power economically as well. And he's had some success since being President, the Russian Economy has never been better. Since he's been President, including in the Soviet Regime. And he's decided the best way to accomplish all of this is to have as little opposition as possible. Including locking up the opposition and closing them down, similar to what Hosni Mubarak did in Egypt.

Valadamir Putin will still have large majorities in both Chambers of Parliament, his Neoconservative Party as I called them. Held something like 90% of the seats and they lost 25%. And some of those seats went to the communists and nationalists and there really isn't any strong Democratic Opposition in Russia right now. From either a Liberal, Conservative or Socialist Democratic Party but these elections in Russia are evidence that President Putin is losing some of his power. And he can thank or blame the internet for that, hopefully he won't take the blame out on the internet. And thats the next step for the Russian Opposition build a party or coalition a Democratic Party or Coalition. That can win enough support in Russia, to either force Progressive Reform there. From the Putin Administration or defeat President Putin in the Presidential Election. And that might be ten years or more off, Russia is such a vast country, physically the largest country in the World by far. And they have 150M people as well and as their economy continues to develop perhaps being a fully Developed Nation. Within 10-20 years, it may get very hard to push Progressive Reform there. If a lot of the people there are very happy with the current system.

The Parliamentary Elections in Russia are good news for anyone who support Democratic Reform in Russia. But it just one step, President Putin and his Administration. Still has most of the power but at least the Opposition now has some seats. And lets see if a stronger Opposition can come together and form a Democratic Party or Coalition. That will push for real Progressive Reform in that country that could be become a Great Country.