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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

President Obama: Signing Order to Cut 'Wasteful' Spending: About time!

Cutting Wasteful Spending in the Federal Government, wow where to start in a budget of 3.7T$ more money then most economy's in the World. Where some Federal Departments waste up to 50-100B$ a year alone. President Obama signing an Executive Order to do this on his own. Especially since Congress can't agree to do anything right now or the House is not interested in passing. Anything that could become law in this Congress and the Senate can't pass any major Legislation right now. Actually the Senate can't even agree on what to debate right now. I believe this Executive Order will send a message to Congress and the country that he's serious about Government Waste thats funded by Tax Payers. But there are so many areas to cut and reform and the President will need Congress to pass something to make that happen. Like Earmark Reform forcing Members of Congress to pay for their earmarks, which will make it tougher to pass wasteful earmarks. Because they would have to justify paying for an earmark to fund Horse Waste Research and things like that. Forcing earmarks to be relevant to the bills that they are attached. Earmark Disclosure so you know who sponsored and co sponsored earmarks and where they are going. A Line Item Veto so the President could cut out waste on their own thats Constitutional. And Congress would always override the veto's if they have the votes.

We have a National Debt now approaching 15T$ and a Budget Deficit of 1.8T$, we have to find ways to save money. And you do that through cutting back on things that you don't need. Pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan is a good start but I would add Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Korea to that list. And demand that those Developed Nations defend themselves especially since they all have the resources to do so. Reforming our Entitlement Programs so people who don't need them stop collecting from them. Basically turning them into Welfare Programs and turing these programs over to the States to run. Letting them have their own programs that would be Semi Private Non Profit Tightly Regulated Community Services instead. Creating a National Infrastructure Bank to prioritize our Infrastructure Investment and gather Private Investment to pay for it. Again something else the Federal Government wouldn't have to run and Congress would have less of an opportunity to waste Tax Payer money. All these things would save the Federal Government and Tax Payers trillions of dollars a year. And we could wipe our our Federal Deficit and pay down our Federal Debt.

President Obama made a good first step in knocking out waste in the Federal Government and I hope his. Executive Order succeeds but its only a first step and we need to go much farther. And we are not going to be able to eliminate debt and deficit on waste, fraud and abuse alone. We need much Structural Reform in our Federal Government to accomplish this.