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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"The Progressive Values of the U.S. Constitution": What the Constitution is about

To me the US Constitution is an Individualist Document designed to protect, promote and advance Individual Liberty and Limited Government. Limited Government being the key factor, the belief that if government becomes very big. Its gets big at the expense of Individual Liberty, because it makes the people more dependent on government. Thats one of the beauty's of living in a Liberal Democracy especially if your a liberal. But I would argue for anyone who's not a socialist, that Individual Liberty is protected to the point. That we have Constitutional Rights protecting our Individual Liberty. Not a government designed to take care of the people, that we have the liberty to make our own lives better. There is a Welfare Clause in the US Constitution but that doesn't mean that government funded by Tax Payers. But that doesn't mean that government is suppose to protect the country. But more about protecting the country from things that individuals can't do for themselves. Like being attacked by Armed Criminals, being attacked by a Foreign Country, being held hostage, people out of work not able to fend for themselves. Or are disabled and can't work enough to take care of themselves or can't work at all. These are the areas that government can come in and should come in and even has the Constitutional Authority and Responsibility. To step in at Tax Payer expense to help its people.

When you live in a Liberal Democracy like America and America might be the only Liberal Democracy in the World. Individuals have the liberty and responsibility to take care of themselves. That we aren't dependent on government to take care of ourselves but when we do go through tough times. Like losing our job, then government can come in and help us out until we can get on our feet. Or even help us get on our feet. The US Constitution was written by liberals and libertarians who were rebels that wanted to break away from the United Kingdom. That at the time was very authoritarian with their high Tax Rates and everything else. They wanted the liberty to take care of themselves and get the King of Britain off their backs. The US Constitution was not written by socialists or progressives trying to build a "Utopian Society". Where Central Planners in government would plan out exactly how life would be in America. And that government would be there to take care of the people. They designed a Federal Government with three Equal Branches and Checks and Balances. To make is difficult for the Federal Government to govern and pass laws. That the ability of those things to happen would be based on the Leadership of our Leaders. That they couldn't do anything that they wanted to do.

There are "Progressive Values" in the Constitution in the sense that we were coming from under the rule of an Authoritarian Monarchy. And building a Republic in the form of a Liberal Democracy which is what America is today. So we were designing a government in a country that would protect our Constitutional Rights. But the US Constitution does not call for a government to make peoples lives better for them. But to protect their Individual Liberty for them to make their lives as good as they can for themselves. And help people out who can't take care of themselves.